5 Gadgets That'll Improve Your TikTok Experience

Ready to TikTok like a pro? These gadgets can help get you there!

While some of the charm of the app rests in the fact that the videos aren't overproduced, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on camera. Whether you're in search of optimal lighting or a tool that will make your makeup videos look like they were filmed directly in a Sephora, we've got you covered.

Scroll down for a list of gadgets that will vastly improve your TikTok experience!

Moon Ultra Light: $49.99

This small mobile light easily slides onto your phone to provide high-quality lighting for all of your TikTok videos. It has various modes, including color and brightness, and can swiftly switch between the two for whatever you might need. And unlike clunky lighting tools of years past, this product is sleek, chic and extremely user-friendly.

Moon Ultra Light
(via Moon)


Pictar Pro: $149.99

This gadget combines your phone's advanced technology with a smart metal grip, mimicking the classic grip of the classic camera we all love—thus making your phone easier to hold while you're busy becoming a social media star. The Pictar Pro also gives users full external control over all photo elements through large metal buttons and is compatible with external photography attachments like lighting tools, tripods and mics. In fact, it even comes with a detachable viewfinder so you can watch your screen vividly, even in the brightest of light conditions.

Pictar Pro
(via Pictar Pro)


HiMirror Slide: $119

Love to film makeup-focused TikToks? This tool has got you covered. It's equipped with LED lights to simulate five different lighting scenarios: sunset view, outside on a sunny day, brightly lit office, shopping mall or supermarket, and restaurant or party venue—and it lets you try new makeup looks with the help of augmented reality technology, so you can see how something turns out before you go live.

(via HiMirror)


Echo Look: $200

Billed as a hands-free camera and style assistant, this tool lets you take head-to-toe photos and six-second videos of your outfit with its voice-activated camera. You can also compare outfits and view yourself from every angle, so you know you look as awesome as possible before creating a new TikTok.

Echo Look
(via Amazon)


WongPing Ring Light with Tripod Stand: $32.88

Make sure your lighting is professional quality and your phone stays in one place with this 2-in-1 gadget that grips your phone while also providing high-quality lighting via three different modes and 10 adjustable brightness levels.

Wong Ping Light Ring
(via Amazon)


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