TikTok Sensation Leenda Dong Talks Comedy, Authenticity and Facebook Dating's Summer of Love

If you love hilarious TikToks, chances are that you already know (and love) Leenda Dong.

The content creator was one of the first TikTok stars we began truly obsessing over, and we're sure her more than 16 million followers feel exactly the same way we do about her. Her sometimes awkward and always hilarious approach to life is so relatable, and we love that her content makes us feel less alone, and more understood.

We recently got the chance to ask Leenda all about how her channel started and what it means to her, as well as her Facebook Watch appearance on Facebook Dating's Summer of Love, airing today, Aug. 5, alongside Justin Laboy and Alaina Castillo. Keep reading for her insights on dating, defying stereotypes and so much more.

Sweety High: What first inspired you to make hilarious content for social media? What kind of comedic ideas do you like playing with most?

Leenda Dong: I've always enjoyed seeing my friends and family laugh ever since I was little. It brings me joy. Creating videos was a way I could make them laugh even when we weren't physically hanging out.

I enjoy poking fun at the simple things in life. I get most of my inspiration from awkward encounters I have with people—and believe it or not, I am quite awkward and introverted offline compared to online.

Leenda Dong selfie

(Photo credit: Leenda Dong)


SH: Did you ever anticipate the success you've had as a content creator? What do you think has really made your videos resonate with people?

LD: I would say that it was a gradual growth as I've been working as a content creator for over a decade. It's always been a dream to do what I do now, and I am very grateful to see these opportunities come forward. I definitely worked extremely hard, and I am super happy that people enjoy and can resonate with the content I produce.

I feel that people are tired of seeing glamorized lifestyles and I like to show the opposite. It's a more realistic, unedited version of life.


SH: What types of stereotypes and social standards do you hope to defy with your content?

LD: Especially as a girl, there are a lot of stereotypes to sit still and look pretty. But I am unapologetically myself—with or without makeup and most of the time, in a hoodie and sweats. I hope that my content inspires people to not be afraid to be themselves.


SH: What does it mean to you to get to be a different type of influencer to the person we traditionally see getting millions of views? What do you think that says about the power of being able to embrace your flaws and uniqueness?

LD: I think it's super awesome that I am able to inspire others by being totally different from what is seen as traditional or even on social media. I find it more interesting to see someone's flaws than their perfections. Flaws makes us human; we aren't robots.


SH: Is there one main thing that you hope your fans take away from the content you create?

LD: I hope that my fans can see that we don't have to follow society's version of beauty to be successful. It is possible to create our own standard of beauty.


SH: Tell us all about Facebook Dating's Summer of Love! What's it all about, and what will your involvement on the show be like?

LD: I am a part-time love doctor, so I shared personal experiences of my own love life on the show. It hasn't been easy finding love during the pandemic and we talk about what it was like. It was super fun and entertaining and I hope that people are inspired to jump back into the dating pool again!


SH: What's next for you?

LD: Well of course, one day I'll be a big movie star! Also, I hope to create a positive impact as a creator.


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