Step Up Your TikTok Game With These Products and Devices

Whether you're looking to get TikTok famous or just want to step up your videos, you've come to the right place.

Here at Sweety High, our TikTok account has almost 13 million followers—so it's safe to say we're experts! Whether you're into learning dances, cooking videos, organization, gaming, makeup or anything else, there are certain products that will help you step up your TikTok game, and in turn, lead to more followers. Look below to find out which products we recommend getting.

Logitech StreamCam: $149.99

If you're looking to really get into the TikTok game, we suggest getting your hands on a high-quality camera. We're big fans of this affordable option from Logitech, which utilizes a premium glass lens with a 78-degree field of view. The compact size makes it easy to travel with, too!

(via Logitech)


Apple iPhone 13 Pro: From $999

Not really into traditional cameras? An iPhone will do just fine, if not better! The newest iPhone, the 13 Pro, is equipped with three cameras, meaning you're getting the best quality possible.

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Multitasky Multi-Angle Extendable Phone Holder and iPad Stand: $25 (currently on sale for $22!)

We can't even begin to explain how life-changing a phone holder is. Whether you're creating on your phone or iPad, this stand can handle it all. Available in multiple adorable colors to choose from, you can adjust the height and keep your phone in place for a proper recording position.

(via Multitasky)


SENSYNE 10″ Ring Light With Tripod Stand: $30.99

Another super important device to get your hands on is a ring light, and no—it's not overrated, but totally worth it. This 10-inch one from SENSYNE comes on a tripod and can even hold your phone in place while you're recording. Not only will you get perfect lighting, but you will both look and feel great, too!

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Apple AirPods Pro: $249

If you like creating videos using specific sounds or songs, one of the most important parts of getting the best video possible is staying to the beat. Whether you're lip-synching or need to hit a dance move to a specific time signature, these are small enough to stay hidden and not be a distraction in any video.

(via Apple)


Blue Yeti X Microphone: $169.99

In addition to great lighting and video quality, sound quality is just as important. This microphone will get the job done and leave you sounding super clear and crisp. Whether you're going for a radio announcer type of sound, want to sing or simply talk, this is a great option.

(via Blue Mic)


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Multitasky Creator On-Screen Kit: $215 (currently on sale for $90!)

If you'd rather have one simple, compact recording area, this on-screen kit from Multitasky will get the job done. Not only is there a place to hold your phone in place, but there's also a ring light, phone charger, USB and handwarmer. This versatile kit is sure to take your TikToks to the next level.

(via Multitasky)


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