All of the Biggest TikTok Trends Right Now

Blink, and you're likely to miss everything that's trending on TikTok right now.

The cultural landscape on TikTok can seem to change in an instant, and if you don't keep up, you might be using the sounds and doing the trends that have since become passé. Don't want to get left in the dust? Here's a collection of everything trending on TikTok right now.

March 2022 Trends on TikTok

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Which Britney Era Are You?

Since Britney Spears is making a big comeback, it only seems right to give her a filter on TikTok. This filter was made to capture some of the most iconic Britney eras. So go on TikTok, search the filter and see what Britney is era you are.

@brettneyspearsThe POWER i feel rn♬ original sound – Brett


NYFW Vlogs

If you are someone who loves all things fashion, your TikTok page is definitely filled with New York Fashion Week Vlogs, outfits and prep at the moment. Get on TikTok for fashion inspiration from NYFW, or see a basic prepping day for events happening all week long.

@quesoscorpio nyfw 22 day one #nyctiktok #nyfw ♬ original sound – quesoscorpio


My Type

Some people are sharing their ideal partner via TikTok. It's a fun way to get to know the creators you follow and an even better way to feel more confident if they describe you. Of course, everyone has different tastes, so just remember you may not be represented in one creator's video. Still, there is definitely someone who appreciates all of you.

@troy.davis7 Im telling you now #fypシ ♬ original sound – Doom 🤡


Kanye West's 'Bound 2'

A funnier trend that's going around is poking fun at Kanye West's "Bound 2." Since it sounds like someone's screaming in the background, one person will scream in the background while the other sings the lyrics. We love this lighthearted, slightly goofy take on the track.

@joshrichards Bffs had to hop on the trend @Brianna ♬ Bound 2 – dyana


Police Runner

Another creative trend is the police runner meme. Put a funny caption at the top of the video and mouth, "it's cool when they do it, it's a problem when I do it." Whatever you have as the caption should be something everyone is okay with someone else doing, but when it comes to you, it's just not fly.

@tanamongeaulolhaahahahahahaha♬ Back End – Finesse2tymes


Cady Obsessing Over Regina

What's one thing you just can't stop talking about? If it's your favorite TV show, your recent family trip or a first date, TikTok has the perfect sound to use for any of these scenarios thanks to one of Mean Girls' most iconic quotes.

@itsgiubss i think my friends can't stand to hear me talking about heartstopper anymore #fyp #heartstopper ♬ original sound – giuba


'You Are Like Papa!'

If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you'll no doubt know this sound. If there's a situation and you aren't quite ready to deal with the consequences, use this Eleven sound for relatable and funny content.

@edenkyonas♬ original sound – mediaclipped


My Birken, Another Birken

For when you've got two things that are similar but not exactly alike, there's this great TikTok sound. If you like two things, but one's better, use this sound to show off why. What's better than a lego cat? Perhaps a real one.

@420skankhunt #fyp #cats #jekca ♬ original sound – Charles Gross


'Margaritaville' x Law & Order Theme Song

Something impressive about TikTok is there are so many creative sound mashups. For instance, Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" and Law & Order's theme song have joined forces to become something we could have never predicted. There are also different versions of the mashup, so whether your story takes a dark turn or ends up way better than you'd anticipate based on how it started, this is the perfect sound to use.

@tooturntteebirdIt was always the kids from hella religious families too like it's literally a sponge not the spawn of satan♬ original sound – m gewehr


Recreating Scenes From The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty has completely taken over TikTok this month., and we cannot get enough of the laughs. And, though the show is an undeniable hit, we have to admit it wouldn't be as popular if it weren't for fans poking fun at some of the most cringe scenes. This TikTok from @elinaburrito's is the perfect example.

@elinaburrito is our Jere cosplay good? 😀 #tsitp #thesummeriturnedpretty #jeremiahfisher #conradfisher #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound – lina!


They're a 10, but They…

If they're a 10 but wear flip-flops—what's their new rating? All we know is that this trend really blew up over the past month, and it's hilarious. Boys and girls are rating each other will both practical and outlandish ratings. We think this trend is harmless and entertaining. There's even a filter, now.

@joesuchan Need help with this game? Try this filter! #fyp #shesa10 #hesaten #shesa10 #alamo #hesa10but #hesatenbut #selfie ♬ original sound – joesuchan


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Anything and Everything Conrad Fisher

Back to what's important, cough cough the edits of Chris Briney, aka Conrad Fisher on The Summer I Turned Pretty. He has stolen just about everyone's heart—except Team Jeremiah. If that's not you, enjoy this montage of all things Conrad.

@conradmito that's HIS song try to change my mind! #conradfisher #thesummeriturnedpretty #tsitp #jennyhan #taylorswift #swiftie #chrisbriney #foryoupage #fyp 's version)" href="" rel="noopener">♬ som original – sat (taylor's version)


Book Recommendations

If you're an avid book reader and need some new ideas, TikTok is the place to look—especially in recent months. There are so many accounts that give great book recommendations, breakdowns and ratings, so if you aren't finding the perfect book for you, just scroll through TikTok.

@apaperbacklife Here's hoping I can get my life together by the time I'm 30 #literarytok #litfic #literaryfiction #bookrecs ♬ Benny and Chiquitita – reymifasol


What Song Are You Listening to Spoof

Remember those videos of guys asking everyone what they were listening to on the way to class? This trend is a bit like that—but with a funny twist. These videos show the ear bud-wearers revealing what they're listening to, when no one asked them in the first place.

@m_arianagrande02 it's a dance you can do if you're 5 or 82!! #whatsongareyoulisteningto #whatsongnext? #hoedownthrowdowndance #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ ♬ Hoedown Throwdown – spencer 💅


The Euphoria Eye Trend

This trend is all about capturing the innate beauty of the color of your eyes. It all begins with a video of the person, before zooming in closer and closer on one eye. Usually, the person blinks, before it switches over to either a high-res image of their eye—or even Tumblr-like images that match the eye's color aesthetic.

@mads.yopart 2♬ Hilltop Road by Lake Isabel – lakeisabelmusic


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'Material Girl'

Madonna's 1985 classic "Material Girl" is trending on TikTok,  for obvious reasons. It's the perfect song for ladies who want to showcase their lifestyle, and Madonna's empowering voice is perfect for the job. i'm obsessed with this trend 😭😭 pls tag credits ❤️ #SephoraLipLooks #materialgirl ♬ Material Girl – Madonna


Dancing Shrek

This trend definitely has to be one of the strangest we've seen of late. It involves an animated image of Shrek with a slender feminine figure, dancing in a skintight leather suit, which is sure to have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

@pweber Shrek is my hype man💚 #shrek #shrekinthesky #shrekintheskyfilter #dancingshrek #nyc #newyork #roofgirl ♬ downnnnn – ems


4-Year Glow Up

This trend is pretty self-explanatory, comparing images of the creators from 2018 and their 2022 glow-ups. We love to see these confident cuties on our For You Pages.

@iftheshoefitswearit Wowowow a lot has changed #glowup #fyp #foryou #4yeardifference ♬ original sound – :$


Choose My Outfit Filter

One of TikTok's most recent ultra-popular filters is one that shuffles through different articles of clothing—usually a top, bottoms, accessory and shoes—to create the perfect outfit for you. Many of our fave fashion gurus are using this filter to see what they can come up with in their closets.

@the.navaroseas the girl on tiktok with too many clothes, I needed to try this filter♬ cpr x material girl – jovynn


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Justin Bieber Dancing on Tour

If you haven't seen Justin Bieber's recent performances, you're really missing out. During his 2022 World Tour,  he has broken down some incredible dance moves, and it's only natural that his biggest fans are posting their favorites.

@biebervelli i love all his lil dancey dances #justinbieber #justiceworldtour #justicetour #biebervellitok #fyp ♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly


Pure Eyes Effect

If you've got brown eyes, this "Pure Eyes Effect" filter will change your whole look. It transforms even dark eyes into a striking blue-green color—perfect for trying out what you'd look like with colors contacts, without the hassle.

@natalietayylorr my eyes if my siblings didn't suck up the good genes😵‍💫 #fyp #TheAdamProject #TurboTaxAlphorn #cardib #pureeyesfilter ♬ original sound – tyler!


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'The Cheese Touch'

"The Cheese Touch" originated from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and recently, the sound has taken TikTok by storm. It's paired with the big eye baby filter to make the resulting lip-sync clips even harder to resist.

@jazmynmakenna cheese touch 🙄 @tylerfunke ♬ original sound – Tik Toker


'Just a Cloud Away'

Pharrell's upbeat, feel-good song "Just a Cloud Away" has been a massive hit on TikTok this year. It injects a little joy and comedy into just about any video, and we can't get enough.

@madalynsterne He's been my best friend ever since 😌 #fyp ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams


'Cool For the Summer'

Demi Lovato's sexy and flirtatious "Cool for the Summer" has found new life on TikTok through various versions, remixes and covers, and as the summer approaches, we think it's only going to get even bigger. 

@thaisziroldo @dualipaofficial #dualipa #futurenostalgia #futurenostalgiatour #fyp #coolforthesummer #dance #sexy ♬ original sound – mavleen


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'Je te Laisserai des mots'

James Watson's gorgeous, piano- and strings-backed "Je te Laisserai des mots" has been making the rounds on TikTok for some time now, but it's just now making a comeback. This sound is typically used for more sad stories, GRWMs (get ready with me) or travel, and has a beautiful melancholy sound.

@amber_emmi Answer @im_siowei 2021 was a wild one and I have you guys to thank for that❤️ #2021mostviraltiktokvideo #2021viralvideo #oceanpainting #oceanartist ♬ original sound – Amber Emmi


Who's Your Celebrity Doppelgänger?

This viral sound originated with TikTok sensation Davis Burleson of "What's Poppin? With Davis!" who interviewed a woman at the park and asked what celebrity she looks like. Since then, it's been co-opted and used over all kinds of videos of users sharing their own celebrity doppelgängers.

@joeykidney since it's every other comment.. #celebritylookalike #andrewgarfield 's Poppin? with Davis!" href="" rel="noopener">♬ original sound – What's Poppin? with Davis!


'Just the Two of Us'

"Just the Two of Us" has been yet another super-viral TikTok sound this month, perfectly complementing videos of couples, besties and other duos.

@deoliveira_jessica Just the two of us 🤍 #couples #love #justthetwoofus #fyp @janis.danner ♬ Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr.


'Tom's Diner'

If you haven't yet heard the @annenmaykantereit and @giantrooks version of Suzanne Vega and DNA's 1978 classic "Tom's Diner," open TikTok right now. This has to be one of our favorite musical sounds this month.

@giantrooks mad to see how many of you are loving this cover!! @AnnenMayKantereit ♬ Tom's Diner – AnnenMayKantereit & Giant Rooks


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Patsy Cline's iconic country song "Crazy" is mainly used to poke fun at outlandish situations. Many of them are lighthearted, or showcase creators making fun of themselves.

@andrearussetti have so many of these♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline


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'My Money Don't Jiggle Jiggle'

This sound became extremely popular this month after an Amelia Dimz interview with journalist and documentarian Louis Therou. Both the song and Louis are trending for his catchy, if not somewhat ridiculous, rap. Now this sound can be heard all over the place, and a new dance has even emerged.

@northvalleygrp Reply to @melchylikescake ♬ My money dont jiggle jiggle – Duke & Jones


'Can You Record This Video for Me'

With this hilarious new trend, creators ask a stranger to take videos of them, and—well, there's nothing quite like it. If you are looking for a good laugh, definitely look this one up.

@izzy.tubeCan you record this for me? 😭♬ original sound – Izzy


'10 Things I Hate About You'

Many creators are using this song by Leah Kate to show off their 10 favorite things right now. The track became a hit at the beginning of this month, and we can't help but love these types of breakup songs—especially when we get to listen to them while we discover great new products and more.

@charlidamelio @LEAH KATE ♬ 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate


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Never Let Them Know Your Next Move

Here's another comical trend that's brought to life through the imagination and intrigue of each video. While playing "Pimpin Ain't Eazy" by Kodak Black, many creators craft unexpected scenarios, where you quite literally can't anticipate their next move.

@laraadkins always reserve your pasta water @monica @sam #neverletthemknowyournextmove ♬ original sound – Warren🖤


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