TikTok Trends We're Keeping Around in 2023

2022 brought us a bevy of TikTok trends, with some simply being better than others.

While there are some trends we're happy to leave behind, there are also some that we're planning on keeping alive and well even after 2023 makes its way onto our calendars. So, which 2022 TikTok trends do we think are worth keeping around? Let's start off with:

1. Themed Dinner Parties

After spending the last two years in (mostly) isolation, 2022 was one of the first times when we could actually gather with friends again. One way that TikTok showed us how to make the most of that? By crafting up plenty of at-home dinner parties, mainly ones that related to specific themes. From the ultra-viral "board nights" to feasts that had everyone bring a dish that started with the letter of their first name, we would love to see this creativity continue in 2023.

@jazzandkelly Bring a board night! #fyp #foryoupage #bringaboardnight #girlsnightin #katyperry ♬ ultimate vibes – morgan hardy

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2. Videos That Romanticize Everyday Life

We have a lot to thank TikTok for, with one major thing being the way we've learned to appreciate the small things in life. By stitching videos together and adding in some audio (be it a voiceover or music), we started to romanticize our lives and feel like "main characters" of our own stories. Frankly, we just don't see a reason to leave this behind next year, if ever.

@exploringamanda Try it. #maincharacterenergy #maincharacter #delusional #manifest #thatgirl #manifestation ♬ original sound – Amanda Nelson | Austin Founder


3. Simple, Delicious Recipes

Social media can be packed with dishes that may look delicious, but are just all too difficult to recreate. Thankfully, TikTok brought us a ton of recipes in 2022 that are actually almost easy to whip up on your own, from hot oil noodles to overnight oats and everything in between. We'd like to keep things simple in 2023, and that means that we're ready to keep the trend of simple, delicious recipes around for as long as possible.

@herbifoods Reply to @katimir_malevich 5 MINUTE CHILI OIL NOODLES 🔥 #easyrecipes #veganrecipes #cookingtiktok #LassMachen ♬ Perspectives – orbit

4. Capsule Wardrobes

Want to reduce your clothing consumption and look fabulous while you do it? Creating a capsule wardrobe is just the ticket. While these have been around for a while, they really took off as part of a trend in 2022 when different creators started posting tips on creating such a wardrobe and how to pick the right pieces.

@kristincabat building a fall capsule wardrobe 🤍 slowly building a capsule wardrobe has helped me find my style so much! note: don't have to go out and buy all these items, just giving ideas on what to invest in for your own wardrobe 🙂 #capsulewardrobe #fallcapsulewardrobe #falloutfits ♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

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5. People Being Authentic

Before apps like TikTok and BeReal, social media had a bad habit of making us all think that we had to be the best version of ourselves at all times. The Instagram version you see of someone's life isn't always so true to reality, but thankfully TikTok popularized realness in recent years (especially 2022). From videos taken at unflattering angles to simple reactions and makeup-free rants, we're ready to see a whole lot more of this authenticity in 2023 (fewer beauty filters required, of course).

@lindseypulsipher The most authentic you… #authenthic #authenticity #formerathlete #personaldevelopment #selfcare #identity #heal #athlete #confidence ♬ Originalton – darlingsthoughts

While these trends are ones that we're happy to see more of well after the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, there is a solid number that we're ready to say goodbye to. Click HERE to check out our list of TikTok trends we're happy to leave behind.