All About TikTok's Viral Cheek Contour Filter

TikTok has once again proven to be the place for all of the best makeup tips and tricks.

Its latest cheek contour filter has gone absolutely viral in the last few weeks, and for good reason! Most of us have been putting bronzer in the hollows of our cheeks for years now, but this new filter says that's completely wrong. So, is it? Continue below to find out all about TikTok's viral contour filter, including how to use it.

Who created the filter?

Grace Choi is known for her incredible filters, and this one just might become her most popular one ever. Loved by TikTok gurus including our fave, Mikayla Nogueira, everyone seems to be turning to this filter these days.

@gracemchoi Enjoy guys! ❤️ Grace #contour #contouring #contourtutorial #cheekcontour #makeup #contouringhacks #contourhack #contourfilter #메이크업 ♬ original sound – gracemchoi


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What is the filter supposed to help with?

The contour filter lines up with your face and tells you exactly where to contour. There is a blue-shaded area where you're supposed to put your cream contour, and from there, you blend up and out! This is all so that your face appears lifted.




What are the benefits of placing your contour within the confines of the filter?

The main benefit of placing your contour within the confines of the blue-shaded area on the filter is to lift your face. It's said to be the best way to show off your cheekbones, and after watching so many people try it out, we think it does just that! Not only does your face appear to be lifted, but it looks slimmer, as well.

@mimiermakeup Do we like this? #makeup #contour ♬ original sound – Mirta Miler


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Should everyone use this filter?

Even if you're set in your ways of applying contour and bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, we think every makeup lover should try this filter at least one time. You can even do your normal contouring on one side of the face and use the filter on the other so you can really see the difference. From there, you can decide if you want to implement it in the future!


But what about blush and highlight?

With the contour being so high, many people were left wondering where blush and highlight are supposed to go. As weird as it may sound, your blush and highlight are being moved up a bit, too! Essentially, your blush will go right above the contour line, and your highlighter either rests on your blush or just above it. In the video below, you can see the steps to achieving the best contour, blush and highlight.

@mikaylanogueira Reply to @roxy.wilde The lift 😍 The complexion 😍🔥 #makeup #beauty #contour #blush ♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira


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