5 Timeless Fall Fashion Trends to Embrace This Year

While trends are fun to play with for a while, some elements of fashion are simply timeless.

These items can be dressed up or down and brought back year after year in so many ways, making them excellent investment pieces. Every season has different timeless fashion trends, but the ones for fall are in many ways the most fun. Here are just a few timeless fall fashion trends to consider adding to your wardrobe this year:

A young girl wearing fall clothing smiles and holds a leaf over her face

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1. Fall Colors

When the temperatures start cooling off, the colors we wear start warming up. Try incorporating some burnt orange and even cozy brown hues into your closet—after all, pumpkin spice isn't just for our tastebuds anymore.


2. Leather Jackets

Is there anything that gives off those cool girl vibes better than a sleek leather (preferably faux) jacket? Probably not. The right leather jacket can become a classic closet staple that you rock year after year, especially when it adds just the right touch of edginess and warmth to your look.

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3. Cozy Sweaters

They don't call it "sweater weather" for nothing! Cozy sweaters are worth the investment, especially with so many options ranging from cropped styles to the timeless oversized cable-knit. Stock up on sweaters next time there's a sale and try experimenting with different ways to style them, you might be surprised just how versatile the right ones can be.


4. Chelsea Boots

While there are plenty of boot options to choose from when sandal season ends, nothing seems quite as timeless as a good old Chelsea boot. This style can be simply slipped on, making getting ready in the morning easier on you and your snooze button, plus they look great paired with everything from skinny jeans to sundresses.

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5. Tights Under Dresses/Skirts

Not ready to retire your summer skirts and dresses just yet? Don't worry, layering a pair of tights underneath can extend their lifespan well into the autumn and even winter months. Not only do tights help keep your legs warm, but they're also pretty inexpensive and can really take an outfit to the next level.


Fall fashion doesn't just end with your clothing—your makeup deserves some love too. Click HERE to explore some fall beauty trends we're expecting to see this year.