6 Classic Pieces to Keep in Your Closet When You're Tired of Fast Fashion

Trying to stay on trend these days is, in a word, tiring. 

After all, they don't call it "fast fashion" for nothing—it seems like there's a new style that everyone but you is wearing almost daily, but that the same look is then out of style not long later. It's hard to keep up, even for the most stylish amongst us. So, how do you keep your style fresh without giving into the trap of fast fashion? It's easier than you think, and we're here to help.

It all starts with keeping a few key pieces in your closet—classics that will look good for years to come. Let's dive into a few that you should always have on hand, whether you mix in some fast fashion trends with them or not:

1. Skinny Jeans

Forget whatever you heard about the whole "millennials vs. Gen Z" skinny jeans debate, because these jeans are here to stay. Skinny jeans don't have to be uncomfortably tight for you to rock them, and they're a classic piece that can work with almost any sort of outfit. You can dress them up or rock them casually to class with a T-shirt—whatever your heart desires. Plus, they give your favorite (albeit worn-out) pair of mom jeans a much-needed break.

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2. Neutral Tops

If you've ever seen a video related to a "capsule wardrobe" pop up on your TikTok, you'll likely already know that a core element of creating such a wardrobe starts with basics, including well-fitted neutral tops. Pick up a few in black, white and other tones that can be easily paired with anything from a jean to a skirt or even under a dress. You can never have too many, especially as these can be layered throughout the year for seasonal shifts that don't go out of style.


3. A Leather Jacket

Speaking of layers, this is one that is simply a style staple. Not only does a good leather jacket keep you warm when the temperature starts dropping, but it also adds just a touch of edge to any outfit, whether it be with a sundress or a skinny jean. Just make sure to find one that actually fits you well and can pair with other items in your closet (rather than a total statement piece that is the entire outfit).

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4. Sundresses

They say that every closet needs a little black dress to be complete, but we would argue that any good sundress can stand in as a classic piece. The key here though, is in the word "classic," as there are plenty of sundresses out there that look so cute for now but that won't likely stand the test of time. Instead, pick ones with simple yet flattering silhouettes and in colors or patterns that would look as good today as in 10 years.


5. Shoes for Every Season

Nothing is worse than when the weather takes a stark seasonal turn and you have tons of things to wear, but no shoes to go with it. Whether it's hot weather that has you running to the sandals section only to find nothing but terrible trends or frigid weather that leaves you in a tough spot with little but sneakers to wear to cover your toes, this is quite the unpleasant situation. How to avoid it? By stocking at least one pair of classic shoes that work for each season! We suggest:

  • A solid set of strappy sandals for summer
  • Chelsea boots for fall and winter
  • A heavier pair of boots with tread for winter
  • White sneakers to kick on and off in spring

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6. Layering-Friendly Coverups

Speaking of seasonal shifts, nothing helps you transition your wardrobe through them quite like some classic layering items. Think cozy cardigans you can pop on over a tank-top, denim jackets that dress up a casual sundress or even a cropped hoodie in a solid color to cover up during your coldest classes. You may not need them all the time, but when you do, you'll be thankful that you kept these classic items in your closet (and you might be surprised how often you pull them out even after years of loyal service).


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All in all, any item that you love can be a classic piece for your closet. But, it's a lot easier to pair items that share a few things in common: versatility, neutral or "basic" colors and flattering fits that you won't get tired of. So wave goodbye to all those fast fashion trends you can't stand anyway and say hello to a more sustainable wardrobe that leaves you feeling more stylish than ever.


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