5 Times Buddy the Elf Was the Christmas Fangirl We All Needed

Fangirling is basically an art form.

It's not easy to obsess over something with your whole heart and soul. In fact, it takes quite a bit of effort to maintain fangirl levels of excitement. Hence fangirls everywhere should be celebrated.

But no matter what our current obsession is, no one will ever reach the fangirl levels of Buddy the Elf over Christmas. And to be honest, 2018 was a tough year—we could definitely use some of his holiday spirit.

Whether you're 100% committed to Christmas cheer or you need a little holiday encouragement, keep scrolling for five times Buddy the Elf was the Christmas fangirl we all needed.

When He Sang in the Store

Best line: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

A true fangirl has no shame about their obsession, and that's Buddy to a T. He demonstrates his undying love for Christmas by singing—very badly, we might add—in the middle of the store. He just wants to spread some Christmas cheer and he's willing to do anything to accomplish that, even if it means singing a song that has nothing to do with Christmas…and isn't even actually a song.

Elf: Buddy singing in the store

(Elf via New Line Cinema)


When He Freaked Out Over Santa's Arrival

Best line: "Santa! Oh my god! Santa's coming! I know him! I know him!

Perhaps the most iconic line in the whole movie, Buddy completely freaks out when he hears that Santa is arriving at the department store. We'd love the ability to conjure up that much excitement for anything, but it's especially heartwarming when all his joy is Christmas-related. Then, when Santa actually arrives, Buddy heads the line of children jumping up and down and screaming at his arrival. Just like a true fangirl.

Elf: Buddy screaming at Santa's arrival

(Elf via New Line Cinema)


When He Puts Together Christmas Decorations

Best line: "No, it's not. Where's the snow?"

We thought our Christmas decorating was intense, but we've got nothing on Buddy's transformation of the North Pole at Gimbels. Not only does he stay up all night putting everything together, he also designs some of the most stunning decorations we've ever seen. The Mona Lisa on an Etch-a-Sketch? That's true commitment to Christmas cheer right there.

Elf: Buddy standing with Jovie

(Elf via New Line Cinema)


When He Confronts Santa

Best line: "You sit on a throne of lies."

If Buddy's going to freak out about Santa's arrival, there's no way he's accepting anyone other than the 100% real, genuine Santa Claus. As soon as he realizes an imposter is asking the children what they want for Christmas, he's quick to call out this fake's ridiculous lies. Buddy's happy-go-lucky when all's going well, but he's willing to throw down when it comes to something he really cares about. Sounds like a typical fangirl to us.

Elf: Buddy confronts Santa

(Elf via New Line Cinema)


When He Sacrificed Sleep for Christmas Presents

Best line: "Great! I got a full 40 minutes!" 

Fangirling means sacrificing everything else that may be important to you to commit your full attention to your obsession. Buddy exemplifies this perfectly, making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of Christmas presents. Only 40 minutes of sleep, but an entire homemade rocking horse to put under the Christmas tree? Sounds like a fair trade.

Elf: Buddy's rocking horse

(Elf via New Line Cinema)


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