4 Times When It's Totally Okay to Ghost Someone

There are plenty of times when ghosting someone is incredibly disrespectful and unfair.

If you're in a close friendship, relationship or you've expressed feelings for someone, shutting down all forms of communication out of nowhere with them is not the way to go.

That said, there are also times when ghosting is just fine (and sometimes absolutely necessary). We'd be lying if we said we've never done it. Keep reading for four times when it's totally okay to ghost someone.

1. All Your Interactions Have Been Incredibly Brief or Casual

If your communication with someone hasn't extended much outside of texts that say "hey," "how was your day?" or "big weekend plans?" then there's no depth or real development to your relationship. If there's no connection or progression, then you shouldn't feel obligated to text just to text.

Some people seriously scroll through their phone and message contacts just to stay busy, but if extending communication with this person feels like a waste of time, then fine to halt it altogether. Chances are they won't be too hurt since you two never developed anything substantial.

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2. You've Been Put in the Pen Pal Zone Against Your Will

Do you constantly attempt to make plans with someone with whom you text on the reg? Do you feel like you know this person really well and the only thing keeping them from being a legit part of your life is rarely seeing them in person? If you consistently make the effort to hang out and they're always "busy"—but continue to text you as if you two are super tight—these are absolutely grounds to ghost.

You never asked for the pen pal treatment, and now this texting exchange you two have is becoming a pure waste of time. If you want to make one final attempt, you can be upfront and say you really don't like all this back and forth, but if they still find a way to get out of hanging out and you're fed up, no need to respond further.


3. They Make You Feel Uncomfortable

You should never feel obligated to maintain a conversation with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Whether they've insulted you or overstepped their boundaries in some way, if you feel disrespected, you do not need to continue communication with this person.

That said, if the relationship you have with them matters to you, it may be worth addressing your issues so they realize how they made you feel and can hopefully explain themselves. But if you don't care about the relationship and would feel better blowing this person off altogether, feel free to do so.

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4. They Just Won't Take a Hint

If someone constantly asks you to hang out or tries to make conversation—despite you showing no interest—you don't need to further your communication with them. By you making excuses and replying to texts with short answers that don't leave room for extended conversation, you're implying you don't want to further things along.

Sure, some would say you should just flat out tell them "I'm not interested," but depending on the situation, it's not always the route you want to take. If ghosting them is the only surefire way to keep them from blowing up your phone, do what you gotta do, girl.


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