Times It's Okay to Need Someone

I've always been a very independent person.

I like doing things on my own, and I have trouble accepting help from anyone. Because of that, I've really bought into the idea that needing someone—at any point, for any reason—is bad.

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The problem is that we all inherently rely on other people. In fact, as social creatures, we have a biological imperative for human connection. In short, there's no way we can avoid needing other people, as our body and mind are literally wired for human interaction. Denying yourself the desire to rely on someone else is not only unhealthy, it's also fairly pointless.

There are moments where independence is key, but there are also plenty of instances when it's totally okay to rely on another person. Keep scrolling for a few common times when you shouldn't feel bad for needing someone.

When You're Stressed

Turning to someone in times of stress can be challenging, especially if you're committed to solving problems on your own. It's difficult to let another person see the vulnerable parts of you that are crumbling under your responsibilities. In addition, there's often a sense of shame at letting someone see you when you're overwhelmed. After all, you should be able to handle problems on your own, so asking for support feels like a failure in itself.

However, we all get overwhelmed at one point or another. Keeping all that stress bottled up only turns your tiny problems into massive monstrosities that you can't even bear to face. Relying on another person, either for help with your task or as an opportunity to vent, can relieve some of that pressure you put on yourself. Once you expel a little bit of your troubles, you'll actually find it much easier to face the tasks in front of you with a renewed energy and sense of purpose.

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When You're Lonely

Feeling lonely naturally dictates that you need another person. That's what the word implies—that you're craving human interaction. However, people often don't reach out to others when they're lonely because there's a stigma around the feeling. If you admit that you're lonely, everyone automatically assumes that you're not self-sufficient, that you can't be comfortable in your own company or that you don't have close friends you can turn to.

It's okay to feel like you need someone to end your loneliness. Feelings of isolation are common, especially in our fast-paced digital age. However, in order to end your loneliness, you have to be able to face it. Admit that you're feeling isolated, and ask friends and family for help. It's okay to feel lonely, but it's also never going to get better if you can't entrust your emotions to the people around you, and rely on them to help you improve your situation.

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When You Want Advice

There's a certain power to making your own decisions. It's nice to be self-reliant, and to know that you can count on your own feelings to solve your problems. However, there's no shame in not being able to come up with a solution on your own. Some situations are beyond our sense of reason. We don't always have all the answers, and we shouldn't be expected to.

It's okay to rely on other people for advice and guidance. Asking their opinions and following their instruction isn't sacrificing your autonomy—it's recognizing that you're out of your depth in certain situations. Not only can you gain a lot of insight into certain situations by asking other people for help, you can also relieve some of the pressure on yourself by searching for a solution elsewhere.

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When You're Afraid

While it's lovely to have a hand to grasp onto during a scary movie, we're talking about being afraid in a larger sense. Fear is a much more common emotion than we'd like to admit. We're often afraid of big life changes, of challenging situations or of anything else that pushes us too far out of our comfort zone. Much like being lonely, it's hard to admit you have underlying fear about mundane things that other people seemingly manage to confront with no problem.

When we're afraid, it's really hard to calm down on our own. Our bodies have a chemical reaction that puts us on high alert, making it nearly impossible to quell your own fears. That's exactly why you need to rely on people in moments of fear. Allow them to soothe your unease and to provide you with a shoulder to lean on. It might not make your dread disappear, but it will be much more effective at helping you to move forward than simply pretending your sense of alarm is under control.

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