8 Times We Were ALL Kevin McCallister from Home Alone

Kevin McCallister from Home Alone gets a lot of hate.

Sure, on the surface he just seems like a whiny little kid who doesn't appreciate everything his family does for him. But after watching Home Alone a million times, I have to be honest—I kind of relate to the kid. And what's more, I think we've all had our fair share of Kevin moments, especially around the holidays.

In the interest of having some sympathy for poor little Kev', keep scrolling for eight times we were all Kevin McCallister at Christmastime.

When you're excluded from participating because you're the youngest:

We've all felt the annoying sting of being excluded from a holiday activity just because we're "too young." Christmas is for watching festive movies surrounded by your all your loved ones, but in reality it often turns into your older cousins barricading themselves in a room, flipping on a rated R flick and yelling at you to go away.

Home Alone: Kevin can't watch the movie

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When the thought of packing your suitcase is completely terrifying:

If you happen to travel during the holidays, then you're fully aware of just how horrible it is to pack your suitcase. In fact, it often results in laying on your floor, wondering why you need so much stuff to survive, and then shoving all kinds of random clothes into a bag an hour before your flight. Pack our suitcase? You don'really expect us to do that… right?

Home Alone: Kevin can't pack his suitcase

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When your holiday gathering means there's absolutely nowhere to escape and take a minute alone:

Sure, we all love spending time with our families during the holidays. But after a few hours, the sheer amount of people crammed into your house gets overwhelming. You just wanted five minutes alone to scroll through your Instagram, but no matter where you are there are always more aunts and uncles asking about your school year and telling you how big you've gotten.

Home Alone: Kevin angry the house is so full

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When your family never seems to have the food you like:

The boy just wanted plain cheese pizza! There's nothing worse than heading down to dinner, only to realize that everything you wanted to eat is already gone and only the fancy-shmancy dishes that you can't pronounce are left.

Home Alone: Kevin just wants cheese pizza

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When your family is just a little too much to deal with:

Wow, way harsh, Kev'. But we'd be lying if we hadn't felt this sentiment once or twice before. We always take it back obviously, but dealing with your family around the holidays can be stressful, okay?

Home Alone: Kevin wants his family to disappear

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When your family finally leaves after the Christmas celebration:

We love them, but man it's good to have some quiet time and personal space again.

Home Alone: Kevin is free from his family

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When your parents leave and you take full advantage of the situation:

As much as we like to pretend we're perfect angels during the holidays, we definitely bend the rules a bit when our parents are gone. Christmas break is a time for enjoying ourselves, and as soon as our folks head back to work, we can get to the truly relaxing part of our holiday. Maybe we wouldn't eat that much ice cream, but the sweets cabinet is definitely going to take a hit in their absence.

Home Alone: Kevin eating junk and watching rubbish

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


When you realize Christmas would be nothing without your family:

Sure, family can be stressful and frustrating, but Christmas would be nothing without their annoying presence. We relate to Kevin on every level, including the one where we realize that family is the most important thing of all.

Home Alone: Kevin just wants his family back

(Home Alone via Twentieth Century Fox)


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