Times It's Okay That Your S.O. Doesn't Make You a Priority

When you're in a relationship, it's incredibly important to feel like you're a priority to your partner.

However, while you should be your partner's primary concern most of the time, there are definitely moments when other things are going to take your place in that "first priority" spot. And that's okay.

But how do you know if it's an understandable shift or a worrisome habit? Keep scrolling for times it's okay that your S.O. doesn't make you a priority.

During Family Emergencies

Family always comes first, even when you're with someone you really care about. As close as you and your S.O. might be, you should never be more important to them than a family emergency. Whether it's the passing of a relative or problems with parents, an S.O. who's dealing with a family crises should be giving that situation all their attention. That might mean halted communication between the two of you or a lack of responsiveness, but you need to give them the space to work through their issue and be there for them when it's over.

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(Riverdale via The CW)


When They're Working

Whether it's doing homework or heading to an actual job, your S.O. does not need to be worried about you when they're trying to work. Your partner can't be available to you every second of every day, especially if they're trying to address some of their own responsibilities. School work and after-school occupations are important for your S.O.'s future, both educationally and financially, so they should be given the attention they deserve. Not responding to you or cancelling plans because they need to focus on other things isn't neglecting you, it's just them taking responsibility for their future. You should be proud, not annoyed.


If They're Dealing With a Health Issue

If your S.O. is dealing with a health issue, getting better needs to be their priority, kicking you down their list a few places. From a minor cold to a terrible injury to a mental health matter, supporting them and helping them recover should be your focus, not how much attention they're paying to you. You don't mess with health problems, so the best thing to do is step back and allow your S.O. to make them their first priority for a while.

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(Riverdale via The CW)


If It's Temporary

While you should never be treated like someone's option, it's just a fact of life that everyone has a lot going one. Expecting to be your partner's first priority, no matter what extenuating circumstances may arise is unfair. As a general rule, if your partner's priority list shifts a little, but you know it's temporary, it's not worth getting upset over. Whether it's an important season for their sport, a difficult semester at school, a weekend dedicated to a beloved extracurricular or any other short-term commitment, just know that it's okay to take a backseat in your relationship every now and then and give your partner the space they need to check items off their "to-do" list.


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