Be Tina Belcher From Bob's Burgers For Halloween!

Every week, we've been sharing simple Halloween tutorials for costumes inspired by girl power! Today, we show you how to rep Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers!bobs burgers tina belcher costume

13-year-old Tina Belcher has become a bit of a girl power icon. She's awkward at times, and often struggles to make it through the difficulties of middle school, but she always speaks her mind and makes an impression!

Tina loves horses as well as zombies, and is an avid writer of both fanfiction and friendfiction. She embodies the often confusing time between childhood and adulthood, and we love her for it! Tina is so popular she even won Entertainment Weekly's Best Character on TV Right Now vote earlier this year.

As Halloween is just a day away, this tutorial is the simplest yet!

Dressing as Tina begins with the right outfit. The look is basic, with a short, dark blue skirt, paired with a lighter blue t-shirt. Tina wears white knee socks with a red stripe and black high top sneakers.

Of course, you're not Tina without a pair of specs! If you wear glasses yourself, wear those, and if you don't, look for a prop pair. The thicker and squarer, the better!

If you can, top the look with a dark bob. A wig will do nicely if your hair doesn't resemble Tina's! finish it off with a yellow hair clip on the right side!

Hope you love this Halloween costume tutorial! If you need even more inspiration, check out more ideas listed below. Also be sure to join our girl power community at Sweety High!