Tina S, Guitarist, Talks Online Fame!

Tina S is a teenage guitarist from France whose technical abilities have led a number of guitar publications to call her a virtuoso. Thanks to the web, she's grown a fan base of more than 100,000 from around the world!Tina S Guitar

We recently spoke with Tina about her musical beginnings and her live leading up to YouTube stardom!

Tina was just 6 years old when she started to play the classical guitar. 7 years later, she took up the electric guitar.

"I've been at the musical conservatoire to learn classical guitar, but I've been taking electric guitar lessons with a professor since I was 13," she said.

Despite her incredible skill, Tina said she had some difficulty with the instrument in the beginning.

"I think it isn't easy for anybody to learn," she said. "It's really difficult and you have to be really patient when you are learning guitar. You don't have the choice."

But Tina stuck with it. She said that the process of learning guitar is long, and to get better, you always need to challenge yourself.

"Since it's my first passion, I don't mind working hard and being patient," she said. "It's ok for me."

Tina found fame after sharing her videos with others online via YouTube. She said that she didn't start posting her videos online for any reason in particular.

"Just to keep memories, to know what people think about my music," she said. "It's my passion and I wanted to share it with people."

But she never could predict how many people would be interested in her musical talents. She now has more than 100,000 subscribers!

"It's amazing to see that so many people are 'following' my guitar playing and are interested in my videos," she said. "I hope my 100,000 subscribers are enjoying each new video I post."

Some of her favorite guitarists and musical influences include Pettrucci, Slash and Steve Vai.

"I enjoy many guitarists, they're full of talent," she said. "They all make me enjoy electric guitar."

She has also been featured a number of times on the online guitar magazine, GuitarWorld.com.

"I was really happy and really proud when I saw that," she said. "I'm thankful to GuitarWorld.com for their interest in me. "It's an internationally known website so I never thought one day I'd be on it. Today I'm proud and I still can't believe it."

But GuitarWorld isn't responsible for all of her success. Her supporters and fans have been just as important.

"Thank you all for following me every time I post a new video and for pushing me up," she said. "Thanks to all of the people that congratulate me on YouTube, Facebook or Vube. You are the ones that gave me the force to work harder and to try more difficult songs."

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