If Tinker Bell Is Your Fave Disney Character, Add These Items to Your Life

Got a thing for Tink?

Honestly, who doesn't?! This fiery little fairy stole the show in Peter Pan, and our hearts, too. You probably feel the same way since you wound up here.

If you're ready to show the world how much you adore this fairy, scroll through this list of Tinker Bell-inspired items right now.

Tinker Bell Crossbody Bag: $68

Your belongings need to be kept safe somehow, so why not in this adorable bag?

Tinker Bell crossbody bag from Danielle Nicole

(via Danielle Nicole)


Tinker Bell-Inspired Pixie Dust Necklace: $16

All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of this pixie dust.

Tinker Bell-inspired Pixie Dust necklace

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Tinker Bell Socks: $5.97

The fact that these socks come adorned with fluffy pom-poms on the back means you can't pass them up.

Tinker Bell socks from the Disney Store

(via Disney Store)


Tinker Bell-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $35

Repping your fave fairy at a Disneyland has never been easier… or cuter.

Tinker Bell-inspired wire Minnie Mouse ears

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Tinker Bell Laptop Decal: $3.96

Adding some magic to your laptop with this sweet sticker.

Tinker Bell laptop decal

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Tinker Bell iPhone Case: $16.54

Let's be honest, who doesn't want this glittery case protecting their phone?

Tinker Bell glittery iPhone case

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Tinker Bell-Inspired Earrings: $8.50

An accessory you can't live without, these earrings will add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Tinker Bell-inspired Minnie Mouse earrings

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Tinker Bell-Inspired Bath Bomb: $5.50

Plop this little guy into your bath and you're sure to have a fairy amazing time in the tub.

Tinker Bell bath bomb

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Tinker Bell-Inspired Custom-Made Shoes: $150

These may be pricey, but you have to admit that's some pretty stellar artwork happening there.

Tinker Bell-inspired custom-made shoes

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Tinker Bell-Inspired Back Patch: $65

Consider your denim jacket upgraded.

Tinker Bell-inspired back patch

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Tinker Bell Lapel Pin: $6.50

When in doubt, laugh it out.

Tinker Bell lapel pin

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A fan of Minnie Mouse? You need THESE items in your life immediately.