Tinsley and Anniston Price on Playing Holly Wheeler and Growing Up on the Set of Stranger Things

Now that Stranger Things is in its fourth season, it's easy to see just how much the Price twins, Tinsley and Anniston, have grown since the start of the show.

The twins, now 9, started on the series when they were just 3 years old, taking turns playing Mike and Nancy Wheeler's younger sister, Holly, growing up right alongside the show. The duo has been actors practically their entire lives, earning a spot in Scary Movie 5 when they were just two months old, before appearing on The Walking Dead by the time they were eight months old—and the rest is history!

We got the chance to chat with the twins about playing Holly, the popularity of Stranger Things and their favorite moments from set, and here's what they shared with us.

Sweety High: Do you remember how you both became actresses?

Tinsley: We honestly don't really remember.

Annie: Yeah, we have done it since we were babies. We have always loved making weird faces and random voices though.


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SH: What's your favorite part of the job?

Tinsley and Annie: CRAFTY!

Tinsley: They have everything in there, especially candy and hot chocolate.

Annie: We get to eat snacks all day! And I actually like fittings. I don't know why… I just like clothes. I also like when everyone plays board games and cards together in the trailer.

Tinsley: I like when the crew lets me watch my scene back on the monitor too. That is cool.

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SH: You've both been part of the Stranger Things cast since the age of 3! What has it been like to kind of grow up with the show over the course of four seasons?

Tinsley: We have done Stranger Things for most of our lives. We would all celebrate birthdays together at each other's houses or on set when we were little.

Annie: We are still little. We are only 9.

Tinsley: I know, but like little little. Everyone looks so different. Finn is so tall now. We can go back to set and know exactly where to go now.

Annie: Yeah, it is kinda weird how the [Wheeler] house always looks the exact same every time we go back. Like, do they keep that up?


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SH: How old were you both when you realized how big of a deal the show is?

Tinsley: Just this year. We started seeing Stranger Things stuff everywhere.

Annie: Last year when our cheer team started asking us about it. We did not know that so many people have seen the show.


SH: Stranger Things is definitely on the scarier side. Have you been allowed to watch the show at all since you started filming it?

Tinsley: No, our parents have only let us watch our parts and a few other scenes all the way through.

Annie: We did watch a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago that explains all of the seasons so far. I actually like the scary monsters. That one was kinda cute.

Tinsley: I don't really like blood and stuff. I like to see how they put [makeup] on people, but I don't like to see people get hurt.

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SH: Do you get recognized in public often? Do you have any fun fan stories?

Tinsley: No, not really. We have had some people ask us for pictures or autographs before.

Annie: We did ask Alexa who we were at a friend's house just joking around and she answered! That was funny.

Tinsley: Yeah, Alexa listed our birthdays and even knew our brother's name! We like looking at [fan edit] videos where they make videos of our pictures.

Annie: Oh yeah, someone made Holly into a LEGO. That is cool!


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SH: What have been your most memorable experiences on set so far?

Tinsley: This season, we got to hang out with Gaten [Matarazzo]. We love Gaten. He is hilarious, and he would come into the school trailer and help teach us math.

Annie: Oh yeah, and he would limbo with us.

Tinsley: I loved the fair rides [from last season]. Our pretend mom [Cara Buono] and the twin directors rode rides with us when we finished. I loved the Gravatron!

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Annie: I love it when everyone brings their dogs to set. The makeup and hair trailer usually has a bunch of dogs. Mr. David's [David Harbor's] dog is so cute! We always have scenes with food, I feel like. We are always eating.

Tinsley: We do! The mashed potatoes and apple juice. The pancakes. This year we got Skittles!


SH: Any secrets for how to tell the two of you apart?

Annie: Yes, most people look for the mole above my eye or the freckles on Tinsley's cheek, but they draw that on when we film to match.

Tinsley: I am a little taller, too.

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