Watch The Most Perfect Date In History, Starring Hamsters

HelloDenizen's latest hamster video, "Tiny Hamster's Tiny Date," is perfect for Valentine's Day, featuring a romantic gondola ride and spaghetti dinner between two furry rodents. We've listed 9 perfect things about the video, which you can watch at the bottom of the page.

9 Perfect Valentine's Moments From Tiny Hamster's Tiny Date

1. The tiny menu, featuring hamster-friendly perciatelli pasta with red quinoa meatballs

Tiny hamster dinner date menu with spaghetti

2. Plus the meticulous preparation of said dish

Carefully preparing hamster spaghetti

3. The romantic hamster gondola ride through town

Hamster gondola

4. And their precious hamster smooch

Hamster kisses

5. These beautiful hamster bouquets

Bouquets for a hamster couple

6. Which are edible, apparently 

Hamster eats her flower bouquet

7. And their romantic dinner table for two

Hamster dinner table set for two

8. Getting to see how hamsters eat spaghetti

How a hamster eats spaghetti

9. And chow down on meatballs in one massive bite

Hamster gobbles on a meatball

After seeing that, it's super important that you watch the whole video.

What did you think was the cutest moment of all? Let us know in the comments, check out the other Tiny Hamster vids in the related articles and join our community at Sweety High.