Tips and Tricks for Creating a Cute, Personalized Scrapbook

Hi, my name is Taylor and I'm a scrapbooking addict.

I've been making scrapbooks for as long as I can remember. Whether they're for myself, a parent, a best friend's birthday or a "just because" scrapbook, they're my absolute favorite gift to give. I'd rather give something from the heart, made with lots of love than something I can just purchase at the store. And you know what? I've found that people like that more, too. Over the years, I've probably made about 15 scrapbooks, all unique in their own way.

Since I'm basically a pro, I've learned all the DOs and DON'Ts. Keep scrolling for my tips and tricks to creating a cute, personalized scrapbook:


1. Opt for a Square Book

This is definitely just a preference, but I think square books look way more polished and pristine. It makes for a more cohesive structure and will be easier to style on something like a bookshelf. After all, isn't the goal to have them show off your hand-crafted scrap book?

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2. Stay in the Same Color Family

Instead of going all over the place and hitting every color of the rainbow, stick to the same color family for the pages themselves. I'd recommend using five colors and alternating them on each page. For example, if you were to stick with neutrals, go for colors like blush, nude, cream, grey or any other earthy tone.


3. Make a Layout

Before going to town and gluing things down, be sure to make a layout, first. This is the most important step because it sets up the tone for the rest of the scrapbook. When it's laid out in front of you, you'll be able to make alterations to things that don't look right.


4. Professionally Print Your Pics

While it may be tempting to print out your photos yourself, plain old printer paper is not the move. Trust me, I've learned this from experience! All you need to do is upload your pics to a quick printer place, like CVS or Costco, and they'll have them ready in no time! Plus, you can have them delivered, which is a plus in my book.

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5. Invest in Lots of Stickers

When it comes to scrapbooking, I've gotten carried away plenty of times. Over the years, I've learned to budget my money and stick to discount stores only. There's no need to hit up a fancy-schmancy spot and spend hundreds of dollars. I've found the cutest stickers at the Dollar Tree and sale section at Michaels.


6. Stick to a Timeline of Sorts

Sticking to a timeline of sorts doesn't necessarily mean everything has to be in chronological order. However, I would recommend sectioning off your timeline into events. For example, school can be one section, vacations another, sports for the next and so on.


7. Throw in Some Humor and Nostalgia

I think it's super important to leave your gift-getter with some moments of laughter and fond memories. Pictures that elicit a chuckle are a great place to start. I like writing a little note next to them with inside jokes written. For more heartwarming photos, do the same but with a more serious note.


8. Leave a Heartfelt Letter at the End

To finish off your scrapbook, I highly suggest hand-writing a heartfelt letter as the last page. This may be a bit unconventional, but it's a tradition I've made for myself. It's the perfect ending to your thoughtful gift!

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