How to Deal With a Teacher You Can't Stand

For every Professor McGonagall there's also a Professor Snape. You'll have extraordinary teachers who inspire you to do great things, and you'll have total snores, bores and teachers who scare you to the core.

If you've unfortunately been assigned to a teacher you can't stand, you need to read these tips on how to deal:

1. Get on Their Good Side

As much as you want to pretend like this teacher doesn't exist, it really helps to be on their good side. Everyone's least favorite teacher still has a favorite student. Whether it means that you won't be a target to their lecture-related questions or they'll go easier on you when grading, a great way to avoid the pain of a bad teacher is to be the best student you can be.

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2. Reward Yourself for Paying Attention

There's nothing wrong with a little reward to motivate your attention span! Pack a little tasty treat after your dreaded class to help you get through the period. Just try not to gobble it down before class.


3. Tell Your Parents

If you feel like this teacher may be prone to temper tantrums you should always tell a parent or adult you trust. Students can't learn if the classroom environment is tense. Parents are a school administration's worst nightmare, so one phone call from home could mean a nicer teacher tomorrow.

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4. Leave an Anonymous Note

If there's something your teacher does that really pushes your buttons, consider leaving an anonymous note on their desk. Politely explain why you have trouble paying attention or what could help you feel more comfortable raising your hand. Keep this note nice—passive-aggressiveness is rarely rewarded. It may turn out that your teacher had no idea a certain behavior was affecting the classroom calm.


5. Hold Study Groups with Classmates

Boring teachers are, well, a snooze. It's impossible to listen to them for a single second, let alone an entire class period. If you're having a hard time paying attention in class, don't let your grade suffer. Hold study groups with classmates to review the information that your teacher tried—and failed—to teach you in class.

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6. Vent to Friends

Blowing off a little steam by venting your issues with friends will keep your emotions from bottling up and exploding in class. Take some time to rant about what you'll never believe they did today. But there's a time and a place for venting…not everyone will appreciate overhearing the jabs against a teacher.


7. Appreciate Your Other Teachers

Sometimes the best way to deal with a teacher you can't stand is to show your appreciation for your favorite teachers. Enjoy the time you spend in their classrooms so that your least favorite teacher doesn't bring down your entire day…every day…for the rest of the semester.

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