How to Prepare for Your First High School Dance

Your first school dance may be a memory that you remember forever. However, you don't want to ruin this momentous occasion with stress and anxiety over tiny details.

Prepare for your first dance with these tips and insights on how to make it a night to remember forever:

1. You Don't Need a Date

In all honesty, it's so much more fun to go stag to school dances. Worrying over who's going to ask you—or not ask you—is a waste of time when you have an entire group of friends to dance with all night long. Cross "find a date" off of your school dance to-do list.

Girl dancing front and center at school dance

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2. Dress Functional and Affordable

You want to pick out a dress that's easy to dance in… it is a dance after all. Strapless dresses with narrow bodies are nearly impossible to walk in, let alone dance in. You'll majorly regret buying an expensive dress that drives you crazy, no matter how glam you look in photos.


3. Figure Out Transportation

You don't need to show up in a fancy limo but you should arrange a way to arrive or else you may find yourself walking all the way to school in your new heels. Don't wait until the night of to ask a parent to drive your entire squad to the dance. Parents have plans, too!


4. Don't Spend Too Much Money

Your first dance is an important benchmark in your life, but keep the expenses low because it's only the first of many fabulous nights in your future. Instead of getting your hair, makeup and nails done at a fancy salon, consider planning a get together at one friend's house before the dance. You may find that getting ready together is even more fun than the dance itself.

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5. Browse the Rules

It would be a total bummer to be turned away just because you forgot your school I.D at home. Make sure you read the list of rules before heading over. There may be certain items you aren't allowed to bring in, which might mean throwing away your favorite make up. Alternatively, there might be certain things you need to bring, like your I.D.


6. Leave Your Movie Expectations At the Door

High school movies have a much larger budget than our school's party planning committee. You may be a little disappointed to find those magical movie decorations swapped with tacky cardboard wall decor. But this will hardly matter when you start dancing and scream-singing along to the music with your best friends in the world.

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7. Post-Dance Plans

Consider planning a little something after the dance to top off the night. Even if this just means cruising through a fast food drive thru, you'll want to end the night with a little something extra. Plus, you will have really worked up an appetite after all that dancing. Make sure your parents are in the know about these extra plans before you commit with your friends, though.


One final tip: You may want to work on your moves before hitting the dance floor. But if you aren't sure school dances are your thing, check out THIS list of reasons why they may not be worth your time.