How to Achieve an Aesthetically Pleasing and Organized Pantry

The Kardashians have many talents, but there's one, in particular, that's taken the internet by storm, and it's their ability to curate aesthetically pleasing and organized pantries and fridges.

If you're unfamiliar with what their pantries look like, perhaps you've heard of Khloé's famous cookie jars. Her cookie-stacking technique has led to us buying countless Oreos and stacking them in glass containers. Why, you may ask? Purely for aesthetics—and access to cookies at any moment in time. Truth be told, if you throw anything into a labeled glass container, you are bound to get some ooh's and aah's from your friends.

After the famous family began posting their pantries on the internet, thousands (us included) started organizing their kitchens. Now, this may seem like a daunting task, but we promise it's easier than it seems and will ultimately elevate your cooking experience. By the end of this, we promise your kitchen will be your favorite room in the house.

1. First Things First—Clear Containers

As we mentioned before, using glass or clear plastic containers is the perfect way to start upgrading your pantry. Transfering your cereals, pastas, rice and baking supplies into elegant containers will allow everything to be in one neat place while being super easy on the eyes. This is also a great opportunity to do a pantry purge and throw out those expired snacks in the back of the cabinet. Yes, we're talking to you!

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2. Bins, Boxes and Crates, Oh My!

Moving on to snacks—our absolute favorites. If you are anything like us, your snack drawer might be a bit on the disorganized side, to say the least.  Get things in order by collecting a couple of bins designated for chips, candies and cookies (unless you prefer the cookie stacking method discussed earlier) and organize your snacks however you see fit. You can line them up in a row or, our personal favorite, color-code them.

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3. Modernize Your Spice Rack

We have rewatched Emily Mariko's spice organization video countless times. To follow her ingenious method, collect a set of clear spice containers and label them before filling with your pre-existing spices. Believe us when we say this will make such a difference when it comes to your cooking. Once that's done, place your new-and-improved spices on a spice rack. Or, if you want to get really fancy with it, you can get a spice turntable, because who doesn't love things that spin?

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4. Lazy Susans

Speaking of things that twist, a lazy susan (or any type of turntable) is the perfect way to have all your condiment must-haves in one designated area. Lazy susans (like this one from the mDesign Store) make the very real struggle of digging through various condiments to find the one you are looking for a thing of the past. They truly are a must when it comes to organizing your space.

Amazon: mDesign spice turntable

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5. Label Everything

The last thing we recommend is to label absolutely everything. Whether you choose to use a label maker or just some artist tape and a shaper, putting names on all your items means you'll never mix them up. Labeling will make life so much easier and add to that Kardashian-level aesthetic we're all aspiring for.


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