Tips for Back To School Success!

For most, starting at a new school is a daunting task that can leave the bravest of students terrified. New teachers, new friends, and a new, unfamiliar building can all be ingredients in the recipe for stress.

Here are a few tips to get yourself comfortable with your new school, and to help you with getting to know the community!

1. Join a club! Most schools have an assortment of clubs that you can join, from Harry Potter Club to Art Club! In clubs, everyone has a common interest that they can bond over.
If there isn't a club that suits your interests, ask around and see if anyone else is interested in that topic. If you gather up enough friends, see if you can start your own club!

2. If there are any people that you recognize and like, stick with them! A familiar face is a welcome sight in an otherwise strange situation, like starting at a new school.

3. Get to know your teachers. Some teachers absolutely love getting to know their students, and it's always great to have a positive relationship with your teacher!

Another huge component of the going back to school is the shopping!

Make sure you show up for your first day in style by ch

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