6 Ways to Make 2017 the Best Year EVER

It's finally 2017, and that means one thing: It's time for a fresh start.

Whether you're looking to kick things into high gear at school, in your social life or just in your daily living, now's the perfect time.

It's a new year and a new you, so get moving by following the six tips below for making 2017 the best year yet.

1. Get Organized

The first step for a fresh start is to declutter all aspects of your life. If your closet is oozing out clothing, it's time for a cleanout. If your social media feeds are full of people you are no longer friends with, it's time to weed out those strangers. And if your school notes and accessories are chaotic, it's time to finally toss and organize. If you start out the year feeling like everything in your life is cleansed and in place, chances are you'll feel more confident about the year to come.

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2. Get Focused

You don't have to make New Year's resolutions you know you won't keep, but you do have to map out your goals for the year. By actually writing down your wants and your dreams (both practical and not), you will be more motivated to work and push a little harder to reach them. This is the year where you make things happen! Can you feel it?

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3. Be Grateful

You just accomplished something huge: You made it through 2016. Whether it was a good year or a rough year, you did it and you should be thankful for every circumstance that has brought you to where you are today. Start each day this year by writing down or stating something that makes you thankful. It will make you realize how much good surrounds you now and for the rest of the year.

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4. Be Bold

Each year you probably tell yourself you will be more fearless, and each year you probably retreat back to your fearful ways. Not this year. 2017 is your time to shine, your time to challenge yourself, your time to disregard any doubts and your time to be bold. If you've been thinking about starting up a new sport, finally talking to your crush or even just trying out a new hairstyle, go do it!

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5. Be Selfish

Although it's good to be selfless and care for others, it's sometimes necessary to be selfish. You are your first priority, and you need to regularly recharge your body and renew your mind by doing things for you! Although it's hard, sometimes you may need to say no to a group hangout with friends or a drawn out study sesh with your besties. It's okay. Take care of yourself this year by spending quiet time alone reading, writing and reflecting on what makes you truly happy. If you're in high spirits, the rest will fall into place.

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6. Surround Yourself With Positive People and Energy

If you do one thing this year, make sure to surround yourself with positivity. When you're surrounded by happy people, places and things, you, too, will radiate positive energy. It's a fact! So latch on to those besties who make you giggle, hold on to those pets that make you smile and enjoy the little things that make you beam. It'll be a good year with those things by your side.

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