How to Have a Fun Halloween, Even If You're Not That Into the Holiday

I have to be honest: I'm not Halloween's biggest fan.

It's not that I hate this spooky holiday, it's just that I'm generally indifferent about the entire experience. I don't like dressing up, I'm not really into scary movies, I don't keep candy in my house—basically, everything you're supposed to love about Halloween I just feel "meh" about.

However, I still think anyone can have a fun Halloween, regardless of how much you might love or hate the holiday.

If you feel similarly about October's spookiest day, keep scrolling to see how you can still enjoy Halloween, even if you're not that into the holiday.

Set Your Expectations Low

It sounds really lame, but honestly if you're not a big fan of Halloween the best way to enjoy it is to simply set your expectations super low. If you go into it preparing for an awesome night that you'll remember for the rest of your life, you're going to disappointed—it'stis simple as that. If you don't like anything about Halloween, why would you expect to have a super awesome evening? If you prepare for a decently fun night, or even a night that doesn't make you roll your eyes and wish you stayed home, you'll probably have a much better time. Set your expectations super low so that smallest amount of fun can exceed them and you're sure to enjoy yourself at least a little bit.

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Don't Feel Pressured to Participate

If you're not into Halloween, it's not really fun for you to spend time, effort and money involving yourself in the holiday. In fact, it's possible that it might be much more enjoyable for you to simply stay home and spend time alone, rather than force yourself into activities that you know are going to annoy you. Point being, what you do and don't decide to participate in on Halloween is totally up to you, so don't feel pressured to join in on the "fun" if you're genuinely not feeling the Halloween spirit. Doing what you want to do is what's going to make the evening fun, not just tagging along with your friends because you feel obligated to.


Find Like-Minded People

Popular as Halloween seems to be, not everyone enjoys this holiday. The best way to still have fun during the celebration is to simply find people who feel the same way about the holiday as you do and plan something together. If you're all pretty indifferent about the Halloween spirit, there will be no pressure to dress up, no scary movies ruining your ability to be alone for weeks and no candy-induced comas that leave you feel unhealthy and gross. You won't have to spend the night alone and you won't have to take part in ridiculous Halloween traditions—it's a win-win.

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Plan Something Anti-Halloween

Anti-anything parties are some of our favorite things. They allow you to express yourself and have a social night without conforming to any kind of expectations for the way your evening is supposed to go. If you still want to chill with friends on Oct. 31, try planning an activity that is specifically anti-Halloween. Instead of a movie night of horror films, insist that everyone bring their favorite comedy. Throw a party and make everyone agree that they won't come in costume. Planning an anti-Halloween event still allows you to take advantage of the social side of the evening without adhering to some of the more annoying traditions.


Just Embrace It

Last, but not least, sometimes the best way to enjoy something you hate is to simply embrace the ridiculousness of the evening. We're still sticking by our above advice—set expectations low, don't feel pressured to participate, etc.—but at times the best way to have a good time is to change your whole mindset about the evening. If you go into Halloween already annoyed, expecting to have a lame night, you're never going to enjoy yourself. However, if you just decide to have fun and not let the traditions that irritate you dampen your mood, you're setting yourself up to have a much better holiday. Your opinion on Halloween as a whole might not change, but just embracing the spooky spirit for one evening might be the best way to ensure you still have a great night.

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