5 Brilliant Ways to Get Yourself Out of Bed on Time in the Morning

Making it through the school day is only half the battle—getting out of bed in the morning is the other half.

While endlessly hitting the snooze button is the favorable option, it's certainly not the most practical.

Because you eventually need to get up and ready for the day ahead, keep reading for five brilliant ways to get yourself out of bed in the morning.


1. Set an Alarm Clock With Talk Radio

Talk radio may not be the first thing you want to hear in the morning (or ever, for that matter), but it's a great way to get you going. You can always switch to music once you're out of bed, but to get you there, talk radio will get your mind going. Your brain subconsciously takes in the voices and tries to digest what's being said, regardless of the subject matter.

Sleepy girl pressing snooze button on her 6 am alarm.

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2. Set an Alarm With a Song You Hate as the Final Snooze

If you opt for use of a snooze button on your cell phone, allow it to be pushed however many times before programming an alarm with a song you hate as the final time. Hearing this song will not only be the indicator that you absolutely need to get out of bed now, but having it be a track you can't stand should annoy you to the point of wanting to get up.


3. Set an Alarm on the Other Side of the Room

While you do have the option to hit snooze in this case, getting out of bed to walk across the room will get your blood flowing and, eventually, wake you up for good. You'll also get annoyed by the drag of walking back and forth each time, which will hopefully cause you to give up and just wake up for good.

Aria Sleeping

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4. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to First Thing in the Morning

Whether it's something big (plans with your pal or S.O.), or something smaller (getting to wear a new outfit, or stopping at a cute coffee shop on the way to school), giving yourself something to look forward to each morning is the perfect way to get you out of bed. Even just posting something on social media the night before, with the hopes of replies when you wake up is a fun, easy way to consistently have something to anticipate when that alarm buzzes.


5. Keep Your Room Tidy

This is an underrated way to more easily get out of bed in the morning, but trust us on this and give it a try. When you get into a freshly made bed, and there's no clutter around you, you're in a much better headspace and are much more likely to not only get a good night of sleep but also feel more excited about getting up in the morning. Sure, you'll be all bundled up and cozy, but the lack of madness surrounding your living space will clear your mind, leaving you with one less reason not to get out of bed.

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