How to Get On a Teacher's Good Side Without Becoming Obnoxious

So you wanna try and butter your teacher up, huh? But you don't want it to be obvious to the rest of the student body, prompting them to call you names such as Teacher's Pet.

Look, it's always better to be on your teacher's good side. On the good side comes luxuries such as turning in late homework for credit, unnoticed extra long restroom runs and pleasant classroom working conditions.

Needless to say, with the bad side comes lack of trust, patience and mutual respect.

It's no wonder you'd rather find yourself on the good side. For tips on how to do this without becoming obnoxious to your teach and classmates, scroll below:

1. Start Small

Don't go too big too fast. No need to show up on the first day of school with a red delicious gift or give a flattering, yet poorly timed, compliment. Instead, follow directions and be a good listener for the time being.

Student giving apple to teacher as gift

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2. Stick to the Rules

Although the impulse to check your Snapchat or whisper to your nearby friend may overwhelm you, hold off. Don't break any of these classroom rules even if you think your teacher won't notice, because—fair warning—they always notice. A teacher pretty much knows what's going on in their classroom 99.9% of the time and you wouldn't want to ruin the trust with rule break behind their back. Your phone can wait, as can your friend.

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3. Punctuality Speaks Volumes

You should always be on time, whether that means showing up to class or turning in your homework. Teachers have very little patience when it comes to one student wasting the rest of the class' time, so always make it a point to be on time, nay, early.


4. Engage With the Class

Raising your hand to answer questions is like the cherry on top of a good class. Even if your answer isn't correct, your teach will appreciate the effort and the participation. It's an awful feeling to stand at the front the class and see vacant eyes when you've put so much hard work into a lesson. Beyond answering questions, be engaged in the class convo. It's totally fine to crack subject-related jokes during class (as long as it's appropriately timed) and this will show your teacher that you're focused and prepared. That said, exercise caution with this tip because an over-eager classmate can cause a riff in class. No need to answer every question or show-up your fellow c'mates but, you know, be involved.

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5. Pop in for Some One-on-One Time

Most teachers enjoy lunchtime discussions every once in a while. If you aren't fully grasping the lesson or have some questions about homework, pop into their class during lunch for a little class time pt. 2. This gives you a chance to get better-acquainted and shows your teacher that you really care about your work and learning in general. Of course, a daily dose of your face may be too much, so read the signs of when it's a bad time to barge in.


6. Leave Your Drama At the Door

Easier said than done, I know, but attempt to leave whatever drama or bad mood you're harboring at the door. A bad attitude won't go too far with a teacher who's already seen 50 or so angsty teen faces that day. If you can pull together a positive attitude and keep your head up, your teacher will appreciate the effort despite being able to sense a little distress.

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7. Be Upfront About Your Struggles

You can still be on a teacher's good side regardless of your performance in their class. If you really don't understand the subject matter, be honest with your teacher. Rather than shutting down, communicate your troubles so that you can both work towards raising those grades. No matter how much it may seem certain teachers are out to get you, the truth is the better you do, the better the teacher shines. If you express interest in achieving those grades, your teacher may even allow you to make up past homework and retake old tests.


If you follow these tips you should be able to get onto your teacher's good side without annoying anyone in the process. But speaking of obnoxious classmates, click HERE for ways to take the high road when dealing with a school bully.