Tips for Attending Your First High School Football Game

So you're about to attend your first high school football game…

With all of the fans, both home and away, plus the bustle of a zillion people who know exactly where they're supposed to be, the vibe can be a little intimidating for a first-timer.

Get some tips on minimizing stress and maximizing fun for your first high school football game:

1. Go with Friends

Do not go alone! I repeat, do not go alone! You'll want to attend your first game with a group of friends. Whether you're a huge football fan or a first-time viewer, the crowd can be intimidating if you go solo. Plus, everything is more fun with your squad around.

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2. Go to a Home Game

Always keep your first football game experience at home. The spirit is way more enthusiastic and the crowd much more boisterous. There's no real need to travel to an away game unless you're a diehard fan or a Football Mom.

3. Wear School Colors

Even if you aren't the most school spirited person you should definitely deck yourself out in school colors. And have fun with it. From crafting a cute outfit with your colors, wearing a friend's jersey, or doing your nails, there is no wrong way to sport your school shades.


4. Sit on the Right Side

There's nothing more embarrassing than finding yourself on the wrong side of the stadium. It should be easy to figure out which side is Home and which side is Away—your No. 1 clue being that everyone you know or recognize is on the same side. Even if you have friends at the competing school, your first game experience should be on the side of your team.

5. Go Varsity

It's nice to support the younger Junior Varsity players, especially if they're your classmates, but the real game you want to see is Varsity. These are your upperclassmen who have a lot more at stake than the pride of winning. Even if you don't like football, you'll find yourself cheering wildly as the quarterback sprints down the field.


6. Get Snacks Before Halftime

Halftime is the intermission of the game where everyone gets out of their seats to grab refreshments and use the restroom. It's chaotic, it's crowded and it's crazy. Avoid this giant traffic jam by getting snacks during a boring moment of the game—and make a bathroom run while you're up!

7. Watch the Halftime Show

Another reason to stay seated during halftime is to watch the show! During halftime, the cheerleaders come out to perform more elaborate routines, the dance team skips onto the field to do a little number and the band plays their best tunes. Even if you can't keep your attention on the game, make sure to catch the show.


8. Cheers Require Audience Participation

This is a warning: Some of the cheers are call-and-response. This means that the cheerleaders will address the crowd and wait for its response. You may want to learn these cheers ahead of time if you don't want to look totally lost.

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9. Bring Something to Sit On Comfortably

Bleachers are not comfortable. You'll be sitting for a while so bring something fluffy, or at least warm, to cushion your seat. While you're at it, bring a blanket to snuggle up with when the sun goes down. Football season is a chilly time!

10. Enjoy Yourself!

Maybe most importantly, just have fun. Even if you don't know the first thing about football, the point is to cheer on your classmates in the ultimate display of school spirit, and make some new friends in the process. GO! FIGHT! WIN!


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