How to Actually Go On a Trip With Friends

Is there anything better than going on a trip with your friends?

Whether you've somehow convinced your parents to let you go on a Lizzie McGuire-style trip to Europe or simply just a trip to a nearby city, the people you go with truly can make or break an entire travel experience. However, even when you can wrangle enough of your closest friends to agree to go on a trip, it can be difficult to actually make that trip happen. After all, who hasn'thrown out some form of "OMG we need to take a trip to ___ together soon!" without actually making said trip happen?

To make those "we should" trips an actual reality, it can take a little bit of work—but don't worry, we're here to help. Once you've assembled the group chat and everyone's gotten a solid "yes" from any necessary parents and/or guardians, check out these tips for successfully going on a trip with friends:

1. Find At Least One Good 'Planner' Within Your Group

Depending on your personality type, planning ahead or planning out actual details might just not be your "thing." That's why it's always good to have at least one friend on every trip—whether it's a full spring break trip or just a day trip to a nearby city—to ensure that everything goes somewhat smoothly. Sure, there's absolutely a time and place for "winging it" even on a trip, but a loose plan that can be easily adapted never hurts to have, either. (So of there's anyone in your friend group who you might consider the "Mom Friend," they might be an easy invite).

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2. Be Sure to Set a Budget

Sure, all those fancy appetizers and mocktails might look great for the 'gram, but they can quickly put a dent in your wallet and leave you short on cash for all the other activities (or souvenirs) that you wanted to make a part of your trip. This is especially important when planning a trip with friends, as its highly possible that some of you have larger or smaller budgets than others. Try to have open conversations about how much each of you is bringing along as spending money, and be sure to have the hotels and transport (if applicable) paid for beforehand with everyone splitting it to avoid any repayment drama. When in doubt, Venmo is your best friend, but it's also good to make sure that one person won't end up excluded from certain parts of the trip because they don't have the money to spend.


3. Have Backups For Everything

Remember what we said earlier about having "loose" plans for things throughout your trip? Well, emphasis on the loose part of that. Things can go wrong all too easily when you're traveling, but that's truly part of the fun of it! Whether you accidentally hop on the wrong train (been there, done that) or the weather puts a damper on whatever your plan was for the day, it's always good to have a second option so that you can still make the most of your time.

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4. Go With the Flow

And on that note of things possibly going not the way you'd planned, the importance of going with the flow when on a trip with friends cannot be overstated. Try to relax and enjoy your time, and remember that it can be all too easy for nerves to be on edge when traveling (AKA, try not to snap at your friends when they don't want to do the same exact thing as you or decide to change up the plan). Also, if safe wherever you are, you can also split up and do different things! If two of you would rather stay at the hotel and relax by the pool while the others want to head into the city/theme park/whatever and explore, that's totally okay. Buddy system above all else, but going with the flow is super important to avoid any drama and just make amazing, lasting memories.


5. Do Your Research

And finally, the last tip we have for actually going on a trip with your friends (and doing so successfully) is to do your research. We don't mean in the way that you would for your science project, by any means, but rather to check out some history and/or cool spots to check out wherever it is that you're going, as well if there are any major tourist traps to avoid or general safety risks to remember. The research you do will depend on the type of place you're going and the sort of information you need (for example: The major monuments of where you're going but also if it'll be easy for any vegetarians or vegans amongst you to find quality food options and if so where), but it never hurts to be little extra prepared.

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So, with a little advice, an amazing trip with your friends is possible! Keep these tips in mind, get your mom friend in gear and get to planning the trip of your (affordable) dreams. And if you need a little extra help convincing your parents to let you go on a trip in the first place, show them this link about the reasons to travel while you're young by clicking HERE.