11 Foolproof Ways to Make Your School Day Fun

School sometimes feels like a necessary evil. You need it, but you definitely don't want it. The days become so monotonous, and after a month or two, that early-hour alarm clock seems possessed.

If you ride the struggle-bus to school each day, you need to check out these foolproof tips for making your school day more fun:

1. Go All-Out With Your Supplies

Whatever this means for you, do it. For some people it may mean glamming out their supplies with Lisa Frank folders or decorating their binders with clippings and photos of friends. To another person this could mean going full business mode with planners, agendas and a fancy pen. Personally, I love a good list because crossing off your tasks is highly rewarding. Think of this as your "when you look good, you feel good" motto.

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2. Make Friends In Your Classes

Sometimes we get lucky enough to have classes with friends, and other times we walk into a room devoid of any familiar faces. Let your friendly side shine and make new friends because class will be so much more tolerable when you have a study buddy who can appreciate your eye-rolls.


3. Plan Passing Period Rewards

From fun little snacks to planned meet-ups in the bathroom with your bestie, having these small rewards between classes can lighten your spirits. You don't have to spend hours planning huge rewards—no Pinterest necessary—just sprinkle in some small bonuses to make you smile throughout the day.


4. Take On All Your Upperclassmen Privileges

The rules differ from school to school, but at my HS only the juniors and seniors were allowed off campus during lunch. But even the upperclassmen needed parent signatures for this privilege, which some of my friends failed to get. Whatever rights your class status brings you, use them up. Get those permission slips signed and say sayonara for roughly 40 minutes every day.

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5. Get Involved In Activities

Becoming a member of a club or taking part in extracurricular activities will help sprinkle your interests into your daily educational schedule.


6. Offer to Take Things to Other Classes

It's a small but significant thrill to leave class for a few minutes to deliver notes (etc.) to another teacher. Don't question it, just shoot your arm straight in the air each time your teacher asks for a volunteer.


7. Be Deliberate About Your Classes

There are some classes that none of us can avoid, but when it comes to picking electives, be deliberate. Sure, you could attempt to sign up for identical classes with your bestie, or you could choose fun subjects you've been wanting to try, such as drama or art.

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8. Ride To-and-From With Friends

Start the day off right by carpooling or walking to school with friends and end it on a fun note by cramming into one car and grabbing a milkshake at the drive-thru. Friends make everything better so try and spend as much time with them as possible.


9. Save Homework for Home

Lunch is your chance to unload and simply hang for a bit. Try not to leave 5th or 6th period homework assignments for lunch because you're effectively ruining the one time of day that is just for you.


10. Be Present During Class

Ummm, come again? Okay hear me out: The more present you are during class, the better you'll retain information, and the easier homework/studying/tests become. If you want to have a really lousy time in class, spend the hour (which will feel like three) clicking your heels and wishing to be anywhere but there. If a watched pot never boils then a watched clock never ticks. By being present and actively engaged, the class will go by much faster.

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11. Have Something to Look Forward to Each Day

It won't be so hard to struggle through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday if you've planned something to look forward to at the end of each. For example, if you're starting a show from the beginning, allow yourself one or two episodes every Monday instead of bingeing the whole thing in one sitting. For Tuesday, perhaps you can plan an outstanding friend date each week where you get together after school and hang. Each Wednesday could be a "treat yo' self" day where you get a special dessert or indulgence. This will help you look forward to your days rather than dread them, and in turn you'll have a better outlook during school. Consider this your silver lining.


From following these tips you may discover new interests that are super fun, but that you aren't necessarily too skilled at doing. Click HERE for reasons why it's okay to be bad at something you love.