How to Make the Most of a Half-Day at School

Half-days are the second most sought-after school break behind three-day weekends. How much easier is it to wake up in the morning knowing you get to leave school before lunch?

Even the half-day schedule is kind of fun. Either you get to abandon some class periods altogether, or each class is condensed into barely productive time blocks that feel like you're moving in fast-forward.

While these days are some of the most coveted of the year, it's just as easy to waste them as it is to look forward to them. Scroll below for tips on how to maximize your extra free hours on half-days:

Make Lunch Plans

Whether or not you have upperclassman status and are already allowed to leave campus during lunch, making dining plans is a great way to celebrate your early release. Make plans with your friends to go to one of your favorite foodie spots together and take your well-earned time. Instead of speeding through the drive-thru, sit down and stay a while. Even if you can't hang after lunch, you've enjoyed some quality time with friends while scarfing a generous quantity of hot lunch.

Riverdale friends hanging at Pop's

(Riverdale via The CW)


See a Matinee

Doing something that you can't usually do on a weekday is the ultimate way to maximize your early release. Seeing a matinee with friends is not only a guaranteed good time, but it's also a wise economic decision. And your Econ teacher thinks you don't pay attention, smh. You've got more showtimes to choose from and less payment to be made per ticket, as matinee tix are priced less than nighttime shows. The movie will probably end around the time you usually get out of school, so afterward you can head home without losing any homework time.


Gather at a Park

Whether you gather to talk with your friends or you get a little more adventurous and bust out with a group game, getting a crew together at the park is a fun way to enjoy your time off without simply plopping in front of the TV or laptop.


Go to a Friend's House

If your parents rarely let you go to a friend's house during the school week, this is the perfect time to exercise your right to have fun. Even if you just veg out on the couch, it's always more fun to hang at someone else's house rather than your own. The rules are different, the snacks are different and the movie selection is fresh and new.

Riley and Maya with horse in Riley's bedroom

(Girl Meets World via Disney Channel)


Work On Non-Academic Projects

We both know that you have been consistently putting off projects because there never seems to be a "right" time to work on them. During the week, you have to prioritize school and during the weekend you prioritize friends. But half-days are a great time to try out all of the DIYs you've been meaning to do forever. Whether you want to get into crocheting for fall or you want to try out a DIY jewelry holder, race home after school and get crafting.


Take a Nap

Now this is just something you deserve. Instead of battling between the desire to rest and the need to do homework, choose both. You have a few extra hours to catch some Zzzs so you can feel refreshed before cracking open the books. Sure, this will make your half-day freedom fly by, but we both know you could use a little extra beauty sleep.


Indulge In at-Home Spa Treatments

Heading home to an empty house is the perfect time to get open the (bathroom) doors to your own personal spa. Take a relaxing bath with candles, salts, bath bombs and a good (non-school-related) book. Pamper yourself in all the ways you never have time for during the week because half days don't grow on trees. Has it been a week since you shaved (we both know it has)? When was the last time you washed your hair? Now's the time to get squeaky clean and maybe even try an at-home blowout so you can roll out of bed tomorrow and head to school looking fresh.

Diana getting hair done by grandma in Blackish

(Blackish via ABC)


Treat Yourself

While at-home spas are relaxing, you could also opt to treat yourself by making an unexpected visit to your sacred space. Get your mani-pedi on or drive over to your favorite bookstore to get a breath of fresh book air. Whatever appointments or short trips tickle your fancy, treat yourself with some "me" time at your favorite spot.


Hit Up Gym Classes

During half-days you realize just how empty the world is in the afternoon. Gyms are always the most packed during early morning and evening hours, so use your afternoon to get in some peaceful fitness. Whether you want your choice of uncrowded exercise equipment or you want to pencil in a fitness class you otherwise wouldn't be able to take, hit the gym for some personal training time. Dare you sign up for yoga? Spin? Zumba, anyone?


Play Netflix Catch Up

Everyone has a TV or Netflix Original recommendation that you just don't have time to watch. Now is your chance to binge on some recent TV and catch up with your friends who won't stop talking about—and probably spoiling—season plot lines and characters. I mean, don't you want to know what it means when someone tells you you're totally a Betty?

Betty singing into hair brush in Riverdale

(Riverdale via CW)


While we love time off from school, we have to admit that being there isn't all bad. In fact, click HERE for all the reasons that first semester is way better than second.