8 Tricks to Nail the Perfect Cat Eye

Anyone who's attempted a cat eye knows that this effortlessly cool look requires a whole lot of effort.

A timeless classic and favorite of Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Conrad and Ariana Grande, this cheeky winged style complements almost any outfit and can be worn alone, with a lip or even with a bold makeup look, making it incredibly versatile.

Feel like your liner skills aren't ready for an attempt at a dramatic cat eye? Think again, because we've got some game-changing tricks on how to nail this trendy look.

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1. Start With Your Trickier Side First

There are a few advantages to starting with your trickier eye first. For starters, you'll get the hard part over at the beginning, instead of getting frustrated and running behind at the end. And two, it's way easier to match the cat eye on the side that you feel more comfortable drawing.


2. Use Scotch Tape as a Stencil

Got shaky hands? You're not alone. While it would be nice to effortlessly draw a perfectly straight cat eye, it's harder than it sounds. We like using two small pieces of scotch tape to guide our lines. This also helps you control the slant, so you can ensure both sides are even. If you're still having a really hard time, you can always invest in a stencil.

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3. Invest in a Good Eyeliner

Product and packaging are essential to a good cat eye execution. Not all formulas work on everyone, so trial and error is a given here. Liquid eyeliner pens are the most precise, easiest to apply, and give you the most control. We suggest trying Kat Von D's Tattoo liner or Lancome Grandiose liner.

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4. Stabilize Yourself

Even if you're not a shaky person, it's still important to stabilize yourself while painting on your liner. The best position is to sit at a vanity with your drawing arm elbow on the table. Then, use your pinky to further stabilize your hand by resting it on your cheek while you draw.


5. Don't Pull Your Lid to the Side to Draw

Believe it or not, liner goes on smoother if you don't pull your eyelid to the side to flatten it out to draw. Since our lash line is curved and not flat, drawing your liner on a flat service will actually cause the liner to buckle.


6. Keep Your Eye Open When Making Your Wing

You don't want the cat eye to get lost in your crease, and you can avoid that by drawing your cat eye with your eye open. It's going to feel weird, but it allows you to put the wing in the right space, and it's actually way easier to draw with both eyes open than one eye closed.

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7. Wait Until Eyeliner Is Dry to Fix Smudges

Instinctively you probably want to reach for your Q-tip the second you make a mistake, but resist! It's much easier to precisely fix your liner once it has dried. If you try to fix it before it sets and dries, you'll create an even bigger mess.

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8. Start With the Wing, and Then Connect

Draw the wing portion of the eyeliner first and perfect that, then move towards the inside. This way, you are connecting the liner as you go, and you can prevent it from getting too thick.


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