6 Best Tips for Taking Quality Photos With an Old Phone

So you want poppin' pics but you there's a problem: Your phone is struggling.

Don't stress—even if you're operating off an iPhone 5 or a Samsung from yesteryear, there are tricks of the trade for getting A+ quality photos from even the oldest devices. Ahead, we're spilling the secrets on how to maximize the look of your photos no matter what year your phone was made.

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Clean Your Lens

A good swipe of the lens can make all the difference! In fact, even new phones photograph blurry if this small but crucial step is missed. If your phone is really old, spray glasses cleaner on your lens and wipe with a microfiber towel to super clean years of grime. You'll be shocked with the results!


Hold It With Two Hands

Modern technology has made us masters of doing things with one hand, but when taking pics, a firm grasp with two hands is clutch. Holding the phone with two hands will keep the phone super still and stable, which will result in a much more crisp photo.


Make Sure Your Subject Is Still

Action photos are great… unless you're working with an ancient device. Older phones have a much harder time capturing motion, so if you want a photo that's clear, make sure your subject is still.

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Hold Phone Steady a Few Seconds After Photo Is Taken

Older phones don't have the same shutter speeds as new phones, which means it physically takes longer to take the picture. That said, even when you think you've taken the photo, sometimes the phone still needs extra time. For this reason, hold the phone steady a few seconds longer after the picture is taken to ensure you got a sharp shot.

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Tap the Subject So It's Not Blown Out

Bad lighting tends to get in the way of a perfectly good photo, regardless of the phone's age. Most phones with large screens have the ability for you to tap the subject prior to taking the photo to adjust the lighting. This is great to ensure your photo isn't super blown out or backlit.

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Edit With Pro Apps

At the end of the day, there's only so much your phone can do—and that's precisely where the editing apps come in. You can transform just about any photo these days into something that looks like it came straight from a DSLR with the myriad of editing apps available. HERE are a few of our favorites.


But if you're looking for the latest and greatest, HERE are a few of our top editing apps of 2019!