How to Enjoy School Activities Even If You Have No School Spirit

It's okay to admit that your school spirit tank is perpetually running on empty.

For every enthusiastic cheer at a pep rally, there's an inevitable eye roll by someone in the audience.

Raise your hand if that someone is you.

Just because you don't have the most school spirit doesn't mean that you can't enjoy certain school functions like dances and football games.

Follow these tips and tricks for enjoying school-sponsored activities when your first instinct is to RSVP: Not Attending.

School Dances

Tip No. 1: Go to the Big Ones

There will be many random dances throughout the year, most of which you can avoid adding to your to-do list. Reserve your formal attire for the special dances like homecoming and prom.


Tip No. 2: Don't Take Them Too Seriously If You Do Attend

If you take yourself too seriously you won't be able to enjoy the event. Just because it feels like everyone is staring at you in total shock—your lack of school spirit precedes you—rest assured that they aren't. Have fun and dance the night away. Other people put a lot of pressure on the major school dances, but years from now you'll remember the good time you had rather than the perfect dress you wore.

Group of friends dancing at school dance; confetti falling

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Tip No. 3: Drag Your Friends Along

If you're feeling self-conscious about attending a dance, don't go solo. Make a grand entrance with your entire squad. There's no possible way to have a bad time when you're singing and dancing with all your besties.


Sporting Events

Tip No. 1: See a Friend Play

If you have a friend on a sports team, go to cheer for them. You don't have to make a scene out of attending a major Friday night game against your biggest rival. If you're trying to avoid the crowd of diehard fans, skip the big night for something a little more intimate. Your friends will really enjoy seeing you in the stands and you'll have fun watching them do what they do best.


Tip No. 2: Go to the Match of the Season

Sometimes we are temporarily filled with school spirit when the energy around us is so vivacious. The biggest game of the season is sure to add a little pep to your step. You don't have to go overboard and paint your face with the school colors or anything drastic like that, but an exciting game may just awaken your dormant school spirit.

Football players celebrating a win

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Tip No. 3: Be Social

Anyone who's anyone can be found at a Friday night football game. But just because you're there doesn't mean you have to watch the game. Spend the event with friends as you weave through the crowds of classmates and parents to grab another snack or search for your crush. Watching the game is hardly the point, anyway.


Pep Rallies

Tip No. 1: Get Goofy

For the school dispirited, pep rallies are appreciated as a nice get-out-of-class-free card. But that's about it. All of the rah-rah can be headache-inducing. But sometimes the only way to beat 'em is to join 'em. Get goofy with a little mock spirit. Cheer for your classmates doing silly dances and prepare for the giant human wave that's headed your way. You're guaranteed to have fun.

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Tip No. 2: Sit With Friends

The bottom line to enjoying anything is to do it with friends. When you're sitting with all of your gal pals you can giggle over the cute upperclassmen or embarrass your friends on the dance team by shouting out their names.


Tip No. 3: Be in It to Win It

The biggest event at pep rallies is class competition. Usually you're sitting in the stands divided by your graduating class, and when the time comes, you represent your fellow classmates like your lives depend on it. Even though you know this friendly competition doesn't mean anything, get into the games because competing is totally fun. Plan to beat the seniors because they always get referee bias.


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