How to Be Less Terrified of Talking on the Phone

You're sitting at home and you hear what sounds like a ringtone. You glance at your phone and notice it's ringing. Panic sets in.

If this scenario sounds like you every time you receive a phone call, we're here to help you cure that phobia in five easy steps below.

Girl talking on the phone

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1. Be Positive

The biggest mistake we all make when it comes to worrying about talking on the phone is just that—worrying. Putting those negative thoughts into your head right before receiving or making a phone call will only make it more likely that you'll have a horrendous experience. Before you chat on the phone, put a big smile on your face or give yourself a positive little pep talk. This will make the phone call seem far less intimidating and you'll more than likely have a better time talking it up than you're normally use to doing.


2. Practice

As the old cliché goes, practice makes perfect! And this is most definitely the case when it comes to curing your phone anxiety. Plan a time to chat with your BFF on the phone for more than 10 minutes at least once a week. How scary is it to call your bestie and spill all the tea? Not difficult at all. So take Nike's advice and just do it.

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3. Remember Your Successes

After a not-so-successful phone call, it's easy to revert back to your old ways of never wanting to talk on the phone. Don't panic, just breathe. Remember that you're not perfect and you're going to make a few mistakes. It's what humans do. Rather than reflecting on everything that went wrong on the failed call, remember all of the successful phone calls you've made in the past. It's always important to look on the bright side of any situation.


4. Utilize Voicemail

When a phone call comes and you're really not feeling up to gabbing on the phone with whomever is on the other line, just let it go to voicemail. Sometimes you'll have those days where the thought of talking on the phone becomes too overwhelming. Hey, it happens. Instead of beating yourself up about not answering the call, let them leave a voicemail and call them back at your discretion. No harm, no foul.

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5. Treat Yourself

After you end any call, give yourself some sort of reward that's more than just a simple pat on the back. Treat yourself to some ice cream or any other dessert you fancy. You can even go all out after you make more than a designated number of phone calls by purchasing something you've always wanted. Let that be your motivation to talk on the phone more.


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