5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Soft, Luscious Lips

Is there anything better than having super soft, hydrated and luscious lips?

We just love the feeling of having a smooth pout that's not cracked, dry or chapped. So, how do you maintain perfectly kissable lips? For most of us, it's something you have to pay attention to and treat every day. Are you up for the task? Keep scrolling for the five tips and tricks to maintaining soft and luscious lips.

1. Exfoliate

Since our lips are one of the more sensitive parts of our face (the skin doesn't have as many layers), it's important to exfoliate with super gentle products. Instead of scrubbing away, make sure to always wet your lips with water before gently using whichever product you have on hand. Whether it's with your fingers or a cotton round, remember to take it easy!

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2. Mask

We love a good lip mask and wear them whenever we remember. Look for masks with clean and good-for-you ingredients, especially avoiding those that have parabens. A lip mask should be jam-packed full of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or beeswax.


3. Moisturize

Perhaps the most important (and fun) way to maintain healthy lips is by keeping them moisturized. Avoid lip products that dry you out, and instead, opt for things like glosses, chapsticks and balms. If you absolutely need to wear something you know will dry out your lips, be sure to wear a hydrating balm of some sort underneath—especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks.


4. Water

You know how your body craves water? By maintaining a hydrated system, you're already doing most of the hard work. If you're not one to drink too much water throughout the day and have dry lips, it's probably the number one reason why you're experiencing them. So remember, chug, chug, chug that H2O!


5. Sleep

Last but not least, make sure to get in a healthy amount of Z's every night, eight hours is the sweet spot! Before you get some shut-eye, apply a balm or even an overnight lip mask to work its magic while you're resting. You'll wake up with moisturized lips and a perfect pout to start your day.


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