Everything You Wanted to Know About Actor-Singer Titus Makin, aka Butterfly Ali

We've adored actor Titus Makin for years during his roles on our favorite shows, including Glee and Pretty Little Liars—but now that he's also launched his music career, we're full-on infatuated.

It's an understatement to say that Titus is multitalented. We recently got the chance to learn all about him, and you should keep reading to discover everything he shared with us.

Titus Makin Butterfly Ali Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Matthew Coleman)

Name: Titus Makin, aka Butterfly Ali

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: June 10

Zodiac sign: Gemini

1. Titus is closer to his best friend, Carson Mosser, than anyone else.

"For whatever reason, we just truly understand each other's hearts and humor. We always have each other's backs."

-Titus Makin

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2. His favorite song of all time is "Love" by Musiq Soulchild.

3. The last celebrity he got starstruck over was Shawn Ashmore, who plays Bobby Drake, better known as Iceman, in the X-Men movies.

4. The No. 1 thing on his bucket list is to win a Grammy someday.

5. Independence Day is his very favorite movie.

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6. Titus says the most important thing he learned in the last year is to "keep god first."

"I need to stop trying to do everything on my own. It's okay to ask for help."

-Titus Makin

7. When he was younger, he had a big crush on Kim Possible.

"For whatever reason, her coolness, fighting ability and red hair would always just stand out to me."

-Titus Makin

8. He relates to Flounder from The Little Mermaid more than any other Disney character.

9. He'd love the chance to live in the fictional nation of Wakanda from Black Panther and the other Marvel movies.

10. Titus considers himself an "intense night owl."

"I think better at nighttime and get more work done."

-Titus Makin

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