6 Reasons I'm Team John Ambrose From To All the Boys, P.S. I Still Love You

Before the claws come out and Noah Centineo fans start sending me hate mail, hear me out when I say I'm team John Ambrose (sorry, not sorry, Peter Kavinsky).

I first read the To All the Boys… series about five years ago, before the movies were made on Netflix. And when I initially read P.S. I Still Love You, I was a diehard Peter fan. But, after watching the movie, my mind was changed. Was it just the way Jordan Fisher (aka John) came across as so sweet and genuine? Or the fact that Peter just didn't seem to put in the same effort with Lara Jean as he did with Gen?

Perhaps Jenny Han's lovely writing just wasn't portrayed the way I imagined it in my head when I read the series. I'm sure there are a lot of factors, but listed below are six of the main reasons I'm team John Ambrose from To All the Boys, P.S. I Still Love You.

1. It Seemed Like It Was Fate That They Volunteered at the Same Place

How cute was John's face when he realized Lara Jean would be volunteering with him? I swear I saw a twinkle in his eyes. The fact that they both ended up at the same place is just mind-boggling to me. Idk why she didn't dump Peter then and there. Like in what world?!

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2. Peter Was Waiting for Gen at the Jacuzzi, Not Lara Jean

When the little fact that Peter was waiting for Gen at the jacuzzi came to light, my jaw literally dropped. And yes, I know I've read the series, but I totally forgot about that. In all honesty, I was disgusted. It was the tipping point for me to officially be on team John Ambrose. Get this—Peter used Lara Jean to make his ex jealous, and when it became clear LJ had feelings for him, he still didn't seem to care. Plus, Peter and Gen hung out that night after the jacuzzi scene, making me think they did a little bit more than talk. Ugh, Peter is gross.



Not only can John Ambrose seriously hit those keys, but so can Jordan Fisher. And guess what? He came up with those chords on the spot! It was all freestyle, and that just makes me love and appreciate him even more. I'm seriously concerned for Lara Jean's health and the fact that she didn't confess her love for John on the spot.

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4. Peter Is in Constant Communication With Gen

Um, no, red flag. If my man was talking to his ex, I'd be on a whole other level of upset. The fact that Peter is constantly speaking with Gen while dating Lara Jean, is crossing a major line in my opinion. And I get it—her parents are divorcing so she wanted to talk to someone else who'd been through it. But Peter? Really? That's so evil and conniving of her to do that. Find someone else to vent to, girl.


5. Their Halloween Costumes

Peter was totally the kid that showed up to the party in a normal outfit—probably so he would seem cool. That's just annoying in my book. When Lara Jean realized she was the only person who dressed up, I totally felt for her (probably because that's a move I'd make). But, when John showed up also dressed in a costume, an instant smile went across LJ's face. I'm willing to bet Peter wouldn't dress up for her, even now. He's just selfish! That whole pizza thing? Ugh, as if.

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6. Peter Never Has Lara Jean's Back When Gen Makes a Jab at Her

At the end of the movie, we see Lara Jean and Gen reconciling. Gen is actually nice, and I kind of forgot about how rude she can be… for a minute. The entire rest of the film involves Gen making tons of jabs at LJ and straight-up saying some mean things. But the worst part? Peter never stands up for Lara Jean. Like when Gen alludes to their old relationship, I think Peter should have shut that down immediately, but he simply shrugged or pretended not to remember. He should have been firm with Gen and told her to knock it off. To be the devil's advocate, here are a few reasons why I could potentially be swayed to get back on team Peter:


1. His Smile

If your heart doesn't melt every time he flashes his megawatt smile, you're lying to yourself.


2. He's a Bad Boy

Sorry, it's just what most of us girls are attracted to.


3. He Came Back For Her

Coincidence that he walks up as Lara Jean is walking out at the end of the film? I think not.

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