Taylor Swift's Apple Music Letter Makes Big Changes. What's Next?

Earlier this week, Taylor Swift took a stand for rising musicians everywhere when she said she'd be pulling her albums from Apple Music if they didn't pay artists during the free trial period. Clearly her words resonated because before long, Apple published a statement changing their minds. So Taylor… do you also mind asking Apple for these changes while you're at it?

to apple love taylor tumblr letter

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Cheese, taco and hot dog emojis exist, but Apple hasn't made them available for our keyboards yet. We'd love if Taylor could step in and make that happen!

taylor swift emoji unicode 8 iphone

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We need wireless charging in all of our iPhones, with charging stations EVERYWHERE now, please.

taylor swift blank space iphone wireless charging

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Or better yet, solar panels, to get a perfect charge along with your perfect tan on those beach days.

taylor swift beach day solar charging iphone

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Waterproof phones for when you get caught in the middle of a downpour, or a super stylish music video.

taylor swift style underwater waterproof iphone

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And it wouldn't hurt to shatterproof our phones, while they're at it.

taylor swift style broken glass cracked iphone screen

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Plus, voice command selfies would help us all feel as effortless as Taylor on one of her best days.

taylor swift selfie iphone

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Thanks for sticking up for the little guy, Taylor! Let us know what you think she should do in the comments.