I Tried Out Some Pieces From Tobi—Here Are My Honest Thoughts

I'm the first to admit that shopping is one of my weaknesses.

When a new boot pops up in my feed, I'll save it, stare at it and wish for the price to go down. When I get an email from a brand discussing a sale, I have a conversation with myself about why I don't need that super cute pair of jeans. You get the picture. So, when a rep from Tobi asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their pieces, you know what I did? I said yes, duh.

I'd personally never shopped at Tobi but had heard of it, so I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on Tobi and my experience with their clothes.

The Brand

Tobi is primarily a fast fashion online retailer, so if you're ever on the hunt for that new trend you've had your eye on, chances are, Tobi will have plenty of options for you. Lots of people are turned off when they hear "fast fashion," but for us customers, prices are typically lower, which is a good thing!

The site is super easy to navigate and filter through, making your shopping experience that much easier. I'd compare Tobi to other online stores like Lulus, Nasty Gal and Sabo Skirt.


The Products

Ayisha Lilac Ditsy Floral Ruched Bodycon Dress: $108 (on sale right now for $54!)

When I took this out of the package, I could tell it was going to be one of my favorite pieces. I love anything in a purple hue, so I was stoked to see what this dress looked like on. It's much tighter than I was expecting, but not in a bad way. It fits more like a bodycon dress and can even be made longer or shorter with the ruched strings. I love the prairie-style shoulders going into the bell sleeves—it's so feminine and looked great. I wore this with some white booties and called it a day!

tobi purple dress

(via Tobi)


Megara Light Blue Ruched Long Sleeve Crop Top: $68 (on sale right now for $27!)

I've been living in crop tops since I started working from home. Whether I pair them with a comfy pair of sweats or some high-waisted leggings, it always turns out cute and casual. This top was no different, and I loved how the extra fabric at the sides came down lower. The ruching allowed this to happen, and I think the end effect was dramatic and just right. Not to mention the beautiful baby blue hue of the top itself!

tobi blue crop top

(via Tobi)


Stella Ecru Paperbag Ruffle Straight Pants: $120 (on sale right now for $48!)

I love a good pair of slacks, so when I first tried these on, I had high expectations. After some wiggling, I was able to get them on, but it made my butt look super flat. That is not a goal of mine, so I was bummed! However, since I was determined, I decided to do some squats to loosen up the fabric, and wouldn't you know, it worked! I can now proudly say I wear these butt-hugging pants proudly. They've definitely become a go-to when I'm running errands!

tobi pants

(via Tobi)


Passionfruit Lavender Fuzzy Wrap Crop Top: $92 (on sale right now for $36!)

When the weather gets cold, it's pretty much guaranteed I'll have a hot cocoa in hand and will be wrapped up in a blanket watching my favorite Netflix show. When I felt this fabric, it immediately made me think of that soft blanket, and I seriously couldn't believe just how luxurious it felt. I threw this on with no intention of even leaving the house and I wore it all day. It's very smooth and will keep you warm, aka, perfect for layering.

tobi purple sweater

(via Tobi)


Bottom Line

Tobi always seems to have some sort of sale going on, so you're pretty much guaranteed to be saving money somewhere. I love their affordable price points and clothing options—they're trendy, fashionable and ship fast. If you're in need of an online clothing store to shop at, Tobi needs to be at the top of your list.


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