You Have to See Every One of These Adorable New Tokidoki Sushi Cars

Only Tokidoki would think of putting their iconic characters in little cars that resemble sushi dishes with adorable faces. We're completely obsessed.

SANDy Tokidoki sushi car

If you're not already familiar with Tokidoki, keep your eyes peeled because their incredible designs are just about everywhere. The brand comes from Italian artist Simone Legno, but the unique art style is mostly inspired by Japanese culture. "Tokidoki" even means "sometimes" in Japanese. It's about the opportunities that aren't always available, and how you should grab them while they are.

Tokidoki sushi cars lined up

The cactus-headed SANDy is far from the only Tokidoki character to have her own sushi car toy. The series also features faces including Donutella, Mozzarella, Adios and Ciao Ciao, Latte, Palette, Savana and more in their own cars inspired by a variety of sushi rolls and nigiri.

Tokidoki sushi cars scattered

You'll officially be able to own your own sushi cars on Feb. 18 on Tokidoki's website and in certain stores. Until then, feel free to keep staring at these adorable images—we are, too.


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