We’ve never seen someone who’s a bigger foodie than Tommy Winkler.

Tommy’s TikTok page has over 7.1 million followers thanks to his love of food, with Tommy sharing everything he eats throughout the day and even participating in interactive challenges. He even came up with a personal challenge—which he completed just last month—in which he ate the most popular foods in all 50 states. Maybe next, we’ll see him try a worldwide food tour.

Tommy has done everything from eating exotic jerky flavors to only ordering the third item on every fast food menu and eating nothing but Tommy’s Burger Stop for an entire day. Basically, when we think of food, we think of Tommy and what he’s eating next—and here’s everything we learned about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Tommy Winkler trivia Man Crush Monday

(Image courtesy of Tommy Winkler)

Name: Tommy Winkler

Hometown: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

Birthday: June 10

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Fun Facts:

1. In three words, he describes himself as hangry, positive and motivated.

2. Grey is his favorite color.

“I grew up liking all the vibrant colors like orange, pink, teal, etc., so now I’m just more into the basic colors like black and white, but grey especially. I don’t really have a good explanation for why I like grey so much! It’s just a cool color.”

-Tommy Winkler

3. Tommy is a total foodie.

“I’ve eaten so much food from so many different places and I just love almost everything I eat. On my 50 state food challenge series on my social medias where I was eating the most iconic food from all 50 states, Nashville hot chicken tenders in Tennessee were very exceptional and delicious.”

Tommy Winkler

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4. Comedy is his favorite movie genre.

“Laughter is a major source of happiness for me and I deal with things with humor, which isn’t the best sometimes, but what makes me laugh makes me happy.”

Tommy Winkler

5. Tommy loves a beautiful, sunny summer day.

“I grew up downhill ski racing my whole life so I just love when there is a snow day and tons of snow is falling from the ski. But I do love my summer days where it’s not too hot, but like a comfortable 75° to 80° Fahrenheit.”

Tommy Winkler

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6. Visiting South Africa would be his dream vacation.

“I would love to go on a South African safari, but also the food there would be amazing, so I’d be very excited for that. Stay tuned—I might have to make my way to South Africa soon so just follow me on all my socials to see the content!”

Tommy Winkler

7. Euphoria was his most recent binge-watch.

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8. If he could pick anyone to be his mentor, he would choose his future self.

“I would want my future self to come back in time to mentor me through any mistakes that I might make in the future. I know I am gonna do so many great things that it would be nice to have a mentor who’ll have experienced everything that I will experience to help me get through it all in a smart, positive and healthy way.”

Tommy Winkler

9. He can’t stop recording content on his phone and posting it onto all of his social media platforms.

10. Tommy’s competitiveness is core to who he is.

“I grew up with one sibling, an older brother by two years, so, with that, everything was a competition. Who’s gonna do better, who’s gonna be faster, who’s gonna be stronger, who’s gonna beat who? This makes me very competitive in everything that I do, so when it comes to social media, I use the competitiveness as motivation to keep posting every single day and to keep creative amazing content.”

Tommy Winkler


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