8 Questions We Can't Wait For Tomorrowland To Answer

The upcoming sci-fi Disney film Tomorrowland has been shrouded in mystery until this week's release of a new trailer. So far, the movie seems to follow the story of a troubled girl named Casey who teams up with an inventor after a strange pin brings them together. Still, the trailer poses more questions than it answers, like…

1. How exactly does this pin fall into Casey's hands?

tomorrowland pin

2. And how and why does it transport her to a magical future land?!?

tomorrowland teleport casey

3.What is Frank's deal, and what's his relation to the Tomorrowland pin?

george clooney frank tomorrowland

4. Is House the newest Disney baddie?

hugh laurie house bad guy tomorrowland

5. Who are these guys and why are they after Frank and Casey?

tomorrowland spooky bad guys

6. How exactly does one turn a bathtub into a flying mode of transportation? 

bathtub rocket tomorrowland

7. And what is this mysterious machine counting down to?

countdown machine tomorrowland

8. Last but now least… How long before we can we pilot one of these?

tomorrowland awesome mech thing

One question we can answer? Tomorrowland releases in theaters across the country on May 22.

Check out the trailer for Tomorrowland below and let us know what you think of it, and share your favorite Disney moments and more with us at Sweety High.