Tone Stith Dishes on the Beautiful Relationship That Inspired 'Devotion'

If you love R&B and soul music, but don't yet know the name Tone Stith, that's something you should remedy immediately.

Even those who haven't heard his singing might be familiar with his writing. He co-wrote the Chris Brown tracks "Make Love" and "Undecided," among others, but we like him best when he belts out his own soulful tunes. Even though it came out last year, we are still swooning over his stunning single "Devotion"—and we got the chance to ask Tone all about the incredible true story behind it.

Sweety High:What was the songwriting process behind "Devotion"?

Tone Stith: Writing "Devotion" was one of the best sessions I've had. Before we made the song, we listened to a lot of music—Prince, Marvin Gaye, etc. Really set the tone for the session.


SH: What does the song mean to you?

TS: It means the deepest type of love possible. How far are you willing to go for someone or something?


SH: Was it inspired by a real experience?

TS: "Devotion" is based on a true story. To this day, I'm in that same relationship, and it's been the best one yet.


SH: How do you feel this song is different than what you've released in the past?

TS: It shows off more of my musical side. It's very dramatic, and I believe you can feel my emotion in this song more than any other record I've done.


SH: What do you think are the most romantic things you can do to show your devotion to someone?

TS: Remembering the little things about that person, paying attention to all the details. Accepting them, their flaws and loving every part of them. The best thing in a relationship is making sure there's trust, so you both can truly be who you are around each other.


SH: When it came to shooting the music video, what were the aspects of the track that it was most important for you to get across?

TS: I wanted it to literally show devotion. When you watch the video you'll see that it's split-screen. It shows how hard my love interest is working as a nurse, and how stressed she is. Since we were in the middle of a pandemic, I couldn't physically be there for her, but it showed that I made countless efforts to support her and take the weight off of her shoulders.


SH: How has the pandemic changed the way you make music, if at all? Has it been a challenge?

TS: Mid-pandemic definitely became challenging. A lot of times I wanted to leave the house and find inspiration. One thing it did, though, was force me to push my creative boundaries and it made me think more outside the box.


SH: Who would you consider your biggest musical influences? What about them inspires you in particular?

TS: Michael Jackson and Prince. To me, these two are such musical geniuses. MJ's presence on stage was unmatched. I never saw him live, but I could literally feel his passion when I watch videos of him performing, to the point where I would have goosebumps. Prince was a true musician. I've never studied anyone's catalog like I studied his. He has so much material, so many genres of music. A song for every mood. Studying these two opened my eyes to colors and sounds that I'd never think were possible.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

TS: I just want to thank all my fans and supporters. I have such a genuine fan base. So many messages of how I inspire them, but I don't think they realize that they actually inspire me. My love for them is endless. The way they accept me and my music is a dream. I absolutely have the best supporters in the world and this is just the beginning!


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