Everything You Need to Know About Rapper-Songwriter Tonee Marino

When Tonee Marino raps, you can tell his lyrics come right from the heart.

The singer, songwriter, rapper and producer's beats have us completely transfixed, and his career is just getting started. If you love Tonee's music as much as we do, keep reading to find out everything you've ever want to know about him, straight from Tonee himself.

Tonee Marino Man Crush Monday

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Name: Tonee Marino

Hometown: New York

Birthday: July 24

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. If Tonee could travel anywhere in the world for a week, he'd love to go to Italy.

"I'm half-Italian and I would love to enjoy the culture, the architecture and works of art, learn about the history of my ancestors, eat great food, and experience it with my family."

-Tonee Marino

2. He's seen 2 Fast 2 Furious more times than any other movie.

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3. He's a huge Michael Jackson fan.

"People wouldn't expect it because I have a lot of hip-hop and rap influences, and he's the King of Pop. He always will be a musical legend."

-Tonee Marino

4. Tonee doesn't watch a lot of TV, but the last show he binge-watched was Stranger Things. He considers it his current Netflix obsession.

5. He loves pasta—especially his family's homemade ravioli.

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6. If he weren't a musician, Tonee would love to be a lawyer.

7. Tigers are his favorite animals.

8. He loves The Lion King, and Scar is probably his favorite Disney villain.

9. He considers himself both a morning person and a night owl.

"I love staying up late working on music and things like that, but I still wake up early every day."

-Tonee Marino

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