8 Major Things We Learned About Too Faced's Damn Girl Mascara From Sephora Reviews

Raise your hand if you always peruse the reviews before purchasing a new beauty product ????????‍♀️.

You can learn a lot about product performance and efficacy just from taking a scroll through Sephora reviews—and believe us, you can get lost in there! Too Faced recently launched a new mascara that sent the beauty world on fire, but what do the customers say? According to Sephora, Too Faced Damn Girl is a "revolutionary, creamy mousse formula developed with a special blend of whipped melting waxes that deliver an immediate, full load of extreme volume without a heavy feel."

Additionally, it contains innovative polymers that keep your lashes flexible while lifting and lengthening for 24 hours of smudge-free wear. Sounds almost too good to be true. Below, we got the skinny on Too Faced's Damn Girl 24-Hour Mascara ($25) just by reading the Sephora reviews.

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Apply With a Light Hand

Instead of applying this mascara with your usual pressure, many reviewers mentioned that this particular mascara does not need a lot of pressure or force to apply. A light hand makes for a much better result.


The Wand Is Massive

Bigger doesn't always mean better, and the verdict is split on Damn Girl's huge wand size. Some absolutely love the size and shape of the larger wand while others write it's too big and hard to manage. But the one thing everyone agrees on: this wand is probably bigger than any mascara wand you've used before.

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It Adds Impressive Length

In addition to delivering major volume, many praised this formula for giving lashes an impressive lash extension-style length.


Not for Hooded Eyes

Due to the extra-large wand, women with hooded eyelids complained that the wand is so massive it gets on hooded eyelids almost immediately.

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It Has a Floral Scent

Do you usually smell your mascara? Well, if you don't you'll definitely want to give this one a whiff—it has a floral scent and many described it as smelling reminiscent of Dior Show mascara.


It's Super Pigmented

Many claim this is the "blackest black" mascara they have ever seen! If you're looking for an extra dark black mascara to make your eyes pop, this one's for you.

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It Works Best on Short Lashes

The women who love this product the most all have one thing in common: short lashes. This is definitely a product that works hard to lengthen, darken and add volume to short, sparse lashes. Women who already have long lashes didn't find the formula to be as effective for them.


It's Not for Contact Wearers

A reoccurring note we saw from contact wearers is that they felt a film develop on their contacts while wearing this mascara. Those who wear contacts advise others who also wear them to pick a different product.


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