Too Much Is Zendaya's Newest Video!

Zendaya has just released a music video for the song "Too Much," which will appear in her upcoming movie Zapped!Too Much Zendaya Zapped

In Zapped, Zendaya stars as Zoey Stevens, a girl who finds herself in control of a phone app that controls all of the boys around her!

In the video, it appears Zoey is part of a dance-off. She has control over the boys in her school, and as they join her on the dance floor, she asks them to go out and dance with their hearts rather than their feet!

In a dark auditorium, illuminated by purple and blue lights, Zendaya shows off her dance skills, which were perfectly honed during last spring's season of Dancing With the Stars!

The video also shows fans some never-before-seen clips from the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie!

"Too Much" is a short but sweet song about being the best on the dance floor, and perhaps being too much for the other team to handle!

For all you Zswaggers out there looking forward to Zapped, it premieres on the Disney Channel on June 27th, 2014, at 8pm!

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