Are You Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

What is Halloween without trick-or-treating?

While it might be totally inconceivable to celebrate the holiday without its most famous tradition, there definitely comes a time when you're a bit too old to go door-to-door and beg your neighbors for candy.

But there's really no precise age where trick-or-treating suddenly becomes unacceptable, so how do you know whether to head out on a candy-grabbing excursion or find another way to celebrate the spooky holiday?

Keep scrolling for our dos and don'ts that can help you determine if you're too old to trick or treat.

DO trick-or-treat if you're heading out with a younger family member. It's an easy way to collect candy under the guise that you're just helping out, and it will help you put off the decision on whether you're too old for this for another year.

DON'trick-or-treat if your parents don't want you to. Not only because you should always listen to your parents, but also because they likely have a better idea of the acceptable age in your area and are trying to ensure you don't embarrass yourself.

Unsplash: ghost holding a pumpkin basket for candy

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DO be polite. People are much more likely to accept an older trick-or-treater if you say your "please" and "thank yous."

DON'go alone. If you're going to trick-or-treat at an older age, use it as a chance to socialize. The candy is an added bonus, but the priority should be spending time with your friends. Not to mention it's simply safer to head out in groups.

Unsplash: kids heading out to trick-or-treat in costume and pumpkin baskets

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DO give younger children priority. Head out a little later in the evening and always allow the little kids to collect candy first. If houses run out of treats, that's unfortunately just part of the price you pay for growing up.

DON'wear scary costumes. If you want to take advantage of the spooky element of Halloween, you should probably veer away from trick-or-treating. Scary costumes will frighten the younger children on your route, which will definitely turn the adults off from wanting to give you free candy.

Unsplash: woman in sugar skull makeup

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DO put effort into your outfit. As you get older, the novelty of dressing up wears off and you might be tempted to don a plastic mask or a simple set of fairy wings and call it a day. However, if you're basically just wearing normal clothes, everyone's going to be annoyed that they're wasting their free candy on you. If you're going to trick-or-treat, at least put some real effort into your costume and show people that you're still a youngin' at heart.

DON'Ignore the rules. Being older doesn't mean you get to toss all the guidelines out the window. Follow proper Halloween etiquette—only go to houses with lights on, say "trick-or-treat", etc.—and everyone will be much happier to toss candy your way.


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