10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of February 4, 2022

In the blink of an eye, January 2022 is behind us, and February has begun.

In the music world, the arrival of February means one thing—love songs. Whether the songs are about a new romance, heartbreak or the power of committed relationships, we can't get enough of them, and this week was full of them, from rising artists like Vi and DRAMA to big stars including Alie Gatie, Queen Naija and Big Sean. If you want to know what we're listening to, keep scrolling for 10 big things that happened in music the week of February 4, 2022.

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1. Let Mont Duamel Be Your Guide in 'Days With You'

Mathieu Jomphe Lepine, also known as Mont Duamel, is a Grammy-nominated Canadian producer who's a genius as blending electronic and acoustic sounds, and his latest release, "Days With You," is a gorgeous demonstration of his abilities. The song seems to be about helping someone who's been stuck, and showing them the path forward in life. "It's about guiding someone along into something new in their life," Mont explained in a press release. "Someone who's been hesitant to make the jump and is overthinking it by fear of making a mistake—trying to meet in the middle with them."


2. Vi Buries the Memory of Her Ex in 'Dead to You'

This is one for anyone who isn'exactly celebrating this Valentine's Day. In her latest single, "Dead to You," Canadian singer-songwriter Vi drags her toxic ex and buries their memory while showing off her vulnerable side. As dark as it is, we can definitely see people shouting aloud to this one post-breakup. "'Dead To You' is a metaphor for killing the idea of someone from your past," Vi told Sweety High. "If you have an ex that you wish just didn't exist, then you can relate to this song. I'm pretty sure that goes for everyone."


3. Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers Drop an Epic Video for 'Miss Your Birthday'

Australian punk band Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are some of our favorite up-and-comers, and with their confident and irresistible sound, we don't think it'll be too long before they're big. Plus, the new video for "Miss Your Birthday," a song about being torn between the comfort of living with your parents and the freedoms of getting out on your own, is an ingenious encapsulation of what the band is all about. "The 'Miss Your Birthday' video is a big bowl full of all our favorite things!" explained guitarist and vocalist Scarlett MCKahey in a press release. "The bright colors with the lil punk schoolgirl skirts are the two sides of Teen Jesus, so it's amazing to see them on screen for the first time! The storyline follows Neve, Jaida and Scarlett who are stuck in detention being yelled at by their teacher (Ben Stewart from Slowly Slowly) and are missing Anna's birthday party."


4. AVIV Dives Into the Perils of Ending Relationships in 'You Feel Like Depression'

15-year-old singer-songwriter AVIV may be young, but she writes like she's experienced multiple lifetimes, and her latest release, "You Feel Like Depression," is particularly poignant. We've all been in situations where relationships didn't work out, and we felt like we would have been better off never having been with the other person in the first place. AVIV revealed in a press release that the song is about the aftermath of a breakup, and the feelings of "self-guilt, self-blame and an overall feeling of failure. This feeling is amplified when the person with whom you've ended the relationship blames you for the breakup." The song's colorful music video is whimsical and avant-garde all at once.


5. Drama Explores Unusual Forms of Love in '3AM'

We're obsessed with Chicago duo DRAMA's approach to electronic music, with their smooth vocals and sometimes bittersweet messages. Their latest single, "3AM," is a danceable track about those thoughts about love we only have late into the hours of the morning. "'3AM' is dedicated to the late-night lovers, the ones who may be ashamed to hold hands in public," the band revealed in a press release. "To us, this song embodies the feeling of being at a party and wanting someone to ask you to dance so that everybody in the room knows that you are together. It's also about the experience of being single and watching your friends fall in love, and questioning yourself because of it." The track will be just one of the songs on their Don't Wait Up, which releases on Feb. 18.


6. Newcomer Karley Scott Collins Makes Her Debut With 'Heavenly'

Florida-born singer-songwriter Karley Scott Collins is a newcomer to the country music game, but if her debut single "Heavenly" is any indication, we think she has what it takes to be a star. The powerful country track, with a hint of rock edginess, is about a love so pure and good that it heals all of the scars and demons of your past, and makes you better in the process. Just wait—you're going to be hearing this one everywhere.


7. Hope Tala Can't Stop Starting Drama in 'Party Sickness'

West London-based singer Hope Tala is a master of beautiful tracks that seamlessly blend bossa nova smoothness and the feel of modern R&B, and her new song "Party Sickness" is no exception. The song is all about being almost magnetically pulled to mischief and drama, especially in social settings. "The concept of 'Party Sickness' is all about having fun and being a bit messy," Hope explained in a press release. "A big part of my inspiration for the song was an astrology meme that categorized the different elements into their behavioral roles at parties; it said water signs were the best leading actors in a drama (I'm a Scorpio). I wanted it to be an anthem for people who consider themselves to be the life and soul of the party."


8. Alie Gatie Finally Drops TikTok Favorite Track 'Perfect'

There's a good reason Iranian-Canadian singer-songwriter is such a fan favorite. Just the teaser of his song "Perfect" on TikTok got 86 million views, and we're expecting the full song, out this week, to be even bigger. The song is a romantic ode to love, and knowing that relationships are imperfect but committing to making it work regardless. The outro to the track, in Arabic, is especially beautiful. "I want my fans to know I'm still figuring this out," Alie explained in a press release. "I might not know for five or 10 years, but this is where I feel like I sit most comfortably. You can expect the unexpected." Raise your hand if you hope he performs this one at this year's Coachella!


9. NCT's Mark Goes Solo With New Song 'Child'

Whether you're a fan of K-pop or not, we think it's easy to fall in love with "Child" by Mark of NCT. From its opening echoey guitar riff, it's clear this song is special, and Mark brings the track to life, singing and rapping in both Korean and English. The song will be just one of many from the NCT Lab, featuring solo releases and self-composed songs by the member of the hit K-pop band NCT.


10. Queen Naija and Big Sean Join Forces for Romantic Collab 'Hate Our Love'

Here's one that's going to be huge this Valentine's Day. "Hate Our Love" is a sweet and sultry collab between Queen Naija and Big Sean, who sing about a love so strong that it attracts all of the haters, who are rooting to see the couple fail. These two work flawlessly together, with Queen Naija's soaring vocals complementing Big Sean's stylish raps. It's so good, we're nearly convinced the two are in love.


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