10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of November 5, 2021

We're in slight disbelief that there are only two months of 2021 left, but the end of Daylight Saving Time makes this a special weekend since we'll have an extra hour to enjoy all of the great new music that dropped this week.

And this was a very special week indeed for unbeatable new music. Whether you're seeking out the very best from rising artists such as LonelyTwin, Rebel Kicks and Caroline Romano, or you've been eagerly anticipating the hot new collab between Post Malone and The Weekend, this new music is a cause for celebration. Want to know what we'll be listening to? Keep reading to discover our top 10 favorite releases for the week of Nov. 5, 2021.

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1. LonelyTwin Bares It All in Poignant Song 'Pretty'

Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Madelene Eliasson, better known by the moniker Lonely Twin, is such a powerful artist, and we think it's only a matter of time before she gets huge. Her newest single, "Pretty," is especially poignant, with a gentle yearning in her vocals that's both soothing and tragic. "'Pretty' is an older song," LonelyTwin said in a press release. "I wrote it when I was together with my ex and she was going through a really tough time, and it was affecting our relationship, too. I wanted the song to be like a reminder that I'm here for you, but also asking, 'Do you still see the beauty in us?'" With this latest track, we couldn't be more excited that she's set to launch her debut album early in 2022.


2. Rebel Kicks Release the Ultimate Escape Anthem With 'We Should Go Missing'

Indie pop-rock band Rebel Kicks have us enraptured with their new single "We Should Go Missing." It's an anthemic new ode to escaping reality and finding what brings you joy, complete with a chorus you won't be able to resist singing along to. The band revealed in a press release that "We Should Go Missing" is "a metaphor for daydreaming of escape," and about "finding that inner tranquility we all seek, freeing your mind from the daily stresses and anxieties that we all deal with."


3. Caroline Romano Captures the Nostalgia of Young Love With 'Ireland in 2009'

We've always adored singer-songwriter Caroline Romano's music, but her recent string of powerful alt-pop tracks have been our favorites yet. We don't know about you, but we're always on the lookout for stunning new songs that capture exactly how we feel when we're falling for someone, and we're immediately adding this one to all of our lovesick playlists. "It's a story of falling in love in car parks and waking up in your school clothes," Caroline said in a press release. "It's about being far too young to know anything at all and the all-or-nothing emotions that come with juvenescence."


4. JORDY Drops His Debut Album Mind Games

We've been slightly obsessed with singer-songwriter JORDY ever since we first heard his song "Till It Hurts," and now that his debut album Mind Games is out, we're discovering that it's everything we dreamed it would be, and more. "So happy Mind Games is out and everyone can experience the journey of the album," JORDY told Sweety High. "The project is a true reflection of the past year for me summed up in 12 songs. I hope that when you listen to it, you feel a little bit of everything. I put my heart and soul into this record and I am so so grateful for my team and collaborators for helping make it happen." These dozen songs are ones we'll be listening to all weekend, and beyond—and if you haven't been won over yet, just check out his music video for "Sticks and Stones" featuring Charlotte Sands.


5. GRAE Channels the '00s With New Track 'Outta This World'

From the second we pushed play on "Outta This World," it felt familiar in the coziest, most nostalgic way. Even though it's brand new, it's evocative of music we love from the early aughts, and its fun, breezy and relatable subject matter makes us just as obsessed. "Inspired by the '00s dirty pleasure track 'How Bizarre', 'Outta This World' is a dorky song about the spark you get when meeting someone new," GRAE explained in a press release. "It's a feel-good, doesn't-takes-itself-too-seriously, tune about fascination and lust. We had so much fun writing it, and I'm so excited to play it live." If you're all about Y2K styles, you might want to relive the music with this song, too.


6. Grace Carter Lets Go With 'Dark Matter'

In her first new music release of 2021, British singer-songwriter Grace Carter gets honest with a wry message to her absent father. With stripped-back instrumentation behind Grace's voice, her message rings loud and clear, giving the song an especially impactful rawness. "'Dark Matter' is a song I wrote at a time where I was beginning to let go of a lifetime of seeking approval from someone who was never gonna give it to me," Grace said in a press release. "It's kind of sarcastic but also me thanking this person for being so s*** that it made me so much better and with time, realize I was so much more without them."


7. Tenille Townes Drops Her Mask in 'Villain in Me'

Canadian country singer-songwriter Tenille Townes has always had a knack for writing potent and emotional songs, but her latest, "Villain in Me," takes that to a new level as Tenille confronts the worst sides of herself. "This was a hard song for me to write," Tenille said in an interview with Sweety High. "I don't like talking about the voices in my head that are constantly telling me I'm not good enough. It's easier to sing about it. Music has always been my safe place and this song very much has been that for me lately. I hope it feels like a safe place to anybody listening to it, too." If that voice in your head has ever told you that you're not enough, give this one a listen.


8. K.Flay Shows the Immortality of Memories With 'Nothing Can Kill Us'

Singer-songwriter Kristine Flaherty, also known as K.Flay, never lets us down when she drops new music, and that's especially true with her latest, "Nothing Can Kill Us." The upbeat synth-rock track is all about how invincible new love can make us feel, and how, even when it's passed, those positive emotions can still linger. The music video drives the point home further, showcasing the bittersweet conflict between being uplifted by memories of the good times while desperately missing what you had with them. "We wanted to tell a story about loving someone and losing them, what that reckoning feels like," K.Flay explained of the video in a press release. "The desperate need to reinhabit your memories and relive the sense of invincibility and foreverness that comes with being in love, but also the painful, almost mystical process of letting someone go."


9. Thomas Day Moves Past a Toxic Relationship in 'Overplayed'

We've adored Nashville-based singer-songwriter Thomas Day since his America's Got Talent days. His TikTok success has been so deserved, so when we heard his newest track was based on Thomas's real-life recent breakup, we had to give it a listen. It was just as heartbreaking as we expected it to be. "A couple weeks ago I got out of a bad relationship," Thomas wrote on his TikTok. "It was really toxic and she was messing with me and my health so much. So I decided to go out to L.A. and write a song about it. I was really nervous because I had never opened up about the situation to anyone. I started writing about it and it was moving me so much. This is what I made."


10. Post Malone and The Weeknd Join Forces for 'One Right Now'

When you hear that Post Malone and The Weeknd are planning on dropping a collab, you know that song is going to be unforgettable, and "One Right Now" doesn't disappoint. Their voices are absolutely phenomenal together, even when they're singing about the hurt of cheating, and pursuing new romantic interests to deal with the pain.


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